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How To Prevent Common Household Bugs From Taking Over Your MD Home

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While most homeowners want to believe that insects, rodents and pests will stay out of their home the truth is that if proper precautions and steps are not taken your Maryland home can easily be invaded by pests. Inside your home pests are not simply just a nuisance, they will damage the structure of your home, destroy personal property, introduce diseases into your home, and contaminate your food. The most common household bugs and rodents found in Maryland homes include ants, cockroaches, spiders, and mice.

  • Ants- Ants are a very social species that live in large colonies where the members work together for survival. They will enter homes while foraging for food and the only way to completely get rid of them is to find the nesting area and eliminate it.

  • Cockroaches- Cockroaches are a very resilient and invasive species that have been around since the dinosaurs. They carry dangerous bacteria on their legs that they pick up while crawling through garbage, sewers and animals feces.

  • Spiders- Spiders tend to be a very elusive species that can be difficult to get rid of and will create unsightly nests throughout your home. While most species are just a nuisance and will cause no real harm there are poisonous species found in Maryland whose venom can cause severe allergic reactions in people.

  • Mice- Mice are rodents, this means that their front incisors continuously grow, which causes mice to have a constant need to chew on things to keep them from overgrowing. Because of this need mice can easily destroy the structure of your home and your personal property. They will also contaminate your food and food prep areas with their urine and feces.

As a homeowner there are things that you can do in and around your home to try and make it as difficult as possible for these pests to enter. Some pest prevention tips include:

  • Cockroaches in Maryland often enter homes concealed in boxes and packages, inspecting these items before bringing them into your home can prevent both cockroaches and other pests from invading your home.

  • Outdoor trash cans should have a tight fitting lid and be kept from the exterior of your home.

  • Trees and bushes should be trimmed back away from your house.

  • A tight fitting cap should be kept on your chimney.

  • Bugs in homes often enter through cracks in your home’s foundation and gaps around windows or doors. These areas should be inspected and if there are any cracks or openings they should be sealed.

  • Food should be kept in sealed containers or in the refrigerator; you should not keep food out on your counters.

  • Garbage should regularly be removed from your home, and dirty dishes should not be left in your sink for long periods of time.

  • Clutter in storage areas like closets, basements and attics should be kept to a minimum.

In combination with taking steps to keep pests out implementing a home pest control plan can greatly reduce any chance of your home becoming infested by common house bugs and rodents. A year round pest control plan will provide services to get rid of your current bug or rodent infestation and then provide you with treatments and inspections spread throughout the rest of the year to keep pest under control and from taking over your home. Year round pest control will ensure that no matter what the season you will be able to enjoy your home and yard without having to worry about pesky pests!

If you live in Baltimore, Howard County or elsewhere in Maryland, D.C. or NOVA and would like to learn more about pest prevention and pest control services for your home, American Pest can help. Offering Maryland pest control services since 1925, American Pest is an industry leader and stands ready to help you protect your home or business against insects and rodents.