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EnviroPest is a family owned and operated pest control company serving Denver and the Entire Front Range since 1965.

Services include:

Residential Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Honey Bee Removal
Wildlife Removal

    Boulder, Colorado

    Boulder Pest Control

    Utilizing the services of a Boulder pest control company ensures your home or business in Boulder, Colorado is relieved of any unwanted pest activity including ants, bed bugs, mice, raccoons and termites.  Eco-friendly pest management programs are available and highly effective in combating insects, rodent and wildlife problems while reducing the use of unnecessary chemicals.

    Pest Control Services Offered In Boulder CO

    • Residential Pest Control
    • Commercial Pest Control
    • Wildlife Removal
    • Bed Bug Removal
    • Termite Control
    • Mosquito Control
    • Gutter Protection
    • Home Insulation Services

    Residential Pest Control Services in Boulder CO

    For a home free of carpenter ants, hornets and cockroaches, Boulder pest control companies offer residential pest control services that are designed to protect your family and home from invading insects like flies, box elder bugs, fleas, silverfish and spiders. Home pest control programs include intensive eco-friendly treatments for every season, customized exterminating services for your home and your needs as a homeowner and we will give you honest, professional and reliable services for a home free of unwanted pests. Services are also available as one-time treatments for simple insect and rodent issues.

    Boulder Seasonal Pest Concerns

    Seasonal pests can be a cause of great concern for property owners in Boulder. During the springtime insects such as ants and honey bees are likely to be a problem in Boulder. Ants are foragers and are known to search for food inside your home, and honey bees look for places to start their new colonies when the weather warms up. Both are considered nuisances, but only the bee is likely to pose health problems for people if they are stung.  Spiders tend to appear in and around your house during summer months when insect activity is high, and mosquitoes tend to be attracted to standing pools of water near your home. Both insects having stinging/biting capabilities and though may just cause a mild irritation for some, mosquito bites are of greater concern. Mosquitoes are known transmitters of the West Nile Virus and many other serious health conditions.  Box elder bugs and mice tend to be the common pests that make their way indoors for the colder months of the year. Both pests like to find small openings in your home to make their way into the voids in walls to hibernate or sustain their activity for the winter season. Mice especially have been known to cause serious structural damage in untreated homes.

    Boulder Commercial Pest Control

    Commercial pest control services offer exceptional coverage for Boulder’s commercial facilities and are developed to address the unique needs of a variety of businesses and industries, including hospitals, restaurants, commercial lodgings, educational facilities and multi-unit complexes.  Pest professionals who work in the industry realize that their commercial services must fully comply with all industry regulations while utilizing the latest commercial pest management technology and practices. These pest control practices are highly effective against common commercial pests yet environmentally safe.  Copesan affiliated pest control companies also offer businesses with multiple locations the benefit of consistent program no matter where their offices are located in North America. 

    Termite Control for Boulder Colorado

    Termites are insects that destroy wood and have the ability to cause severe and rigorous structural damage. Termites can be hard to detect and oftentimes aren’t discovered until they’ve thoroughly infested a building. Boulder exterminators and pest professionals understand how harmful termites can be to the homes and businesses of Boulder, so they provide comprehensive Boulder termite control, utilizing termite baiting and liquid treatments to effectively eliminate infestations and protect against future termite colonies.

    Bed Bug Removal Services for Boulder Homes and Businesses

    Incidents of bed bug infestations are becoming more frequent in Boulder homes and businesses and that is why bed bug removal services were developed.  Bed bugs are very small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of people and other warm-blooded animals. They are most active during the night-time hours as they search out hosts for their next meal. Often they are found in the crevices of furniture, behind baseboards, under flooring and behind electrical outlets. They will stowaway in mattresses, luggage and other personal belongings including shoes and alarm clocks.  Just one infested room of bed bugs can be detrimental for hospitals, hotels, motels and other commercial lodgings and can cause undue stress for homeowners who have been invaded by these nighttime pests. Bed bug removal services are available for both commercial and residential properties in Boulder and throughout Colorado and includes a meticulous bed bug inspection to identify areas that have infestations and highly effective treatments to fully eradicate bed bugs from Boulder homes and businesses.


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