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If your home has become infested with ants or bed bugs or if your business is experiencing insect and rodent problems the Pest Control & Exterminator Directory can help you find a local pest control company

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We connect home and business owners in need of pest removal services to reliable pest control professionals and exterminators in their area.  The Pest Control & Exterminator Directory provides property owners with a comprehensive listing of qualified, licensed pest control companies throughout the U.S. and is designed to match those in need of pest control service with the experts who can help them resolve their pest problems, no matter how severe.  Simply select your state on the map above to find a provider in your area. 


Eau Claire Residents Ask: Are Mice Dangerous?

After everyone goes to bed and your Eau Claire home is quiet, do you hear unexplained noises, do you find unexplained chew marks in your kitchen, basement and attic areas? Well, if you do, unless you have ghosts in your home, you probably have mice in your house. And unless you have invited them in yourself, they are most likely uninvited and a guest that you would like to evict as quickly as possible. Along with wanting them out of your home, you are probably worrying and asking yourself, are mice dangerous, what damages are they causing in my home and could they make my family and I ill? The most common type of mouse to enter Eau Claire…