What are Bed Bugs?

bed bugsBed bugs are small elusive insects that are parasitic by nature and feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals and humans. These small creatures are mainly nocturnal, feeding upon their prey as they sleep. As the name would suggest, bed bugs do live between mattresses but can also be found in the crevices of furniture, behind electrical outlets and anywhere they can hide from light. The typical bed bug can go as long as a year between feedings but prefers to feed every 5-10 days. These pests were once thought of as nearly extinct before infestations soared in the late 90’s. It is important to remember that an infestation is not necessarily a sign of a poorly kept home; infestation can happen anywhere. We have seen an increase in infestations in many industries as well. Signs of a possible infestation include a sweet smell in the air, small blood spots on sheets, and bites on the skin.

Dangers Caused By Bed Bugs

Amazingly, scientific research would suggest that the bed bug does not pose any blood borne threats to humans. When the bed bug feeds, it releases a serum that can be very irritating to the skin. It can take a matter of days between the time of the bite and the irritation of the skin and bite mark to appear. This makes it very dangerous because sometimes infestations can go long periods of time without notice. Some of the secondary threats posed by bed bugs are bacterial growth, anaphylactic shock, and possibly anemia.

Bed Bug Control

Unfortunately bed bugs have built a resistance to pesticides; in fact, DDT has been known to cause the infestation to be more active. It is very important to contact a professional if you suspect that you are facing a bed bug infestation. These professionals have specialized equipment to handle the infestation quickly.

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