All About Cockroaches

cockroachesAround 4000 species of cockroach inhabit the world, out of which 30 types co-live with human beings and 4 types are classified in pest category. Periplaneta Americana is the biological name of the type found in America. This insect is 1.2” long. Cockroaches prefer to breed in warm conditions inside closed structures. Tropical species of these insects need warmer environments. Their legs have spines which help the insect while crossing difficult surfaces. It is able to walk on the sand and the wire mesh without any hurdle.

It releases airborne pheromones which are chemical signals that initiate natural response from another member of the same family. These chemical signals are generated for different types of behavior like alarm, sex and food trail.
As a group, the cockroach exhibits complex behavior which is different from the interaction within a pair. Research has shown that these pests exhibit group dynamism and decision making behavior. They are active during the night time and shun sunlight except one species called the Asian cockroach.

Digestive and respiratory organs

Cockroaches are omnivorous except the wood eating species. Cryptocercus is one species that cannot assimilate cellulose and it extracts the nutrients from the bacteria that feed on cellulose. It has a system of tubes called tracheae which are used for breathing. Unlike other creatures which depend on blood circulation for carrying oxygen to various parts, it uses the tracheal system to take oxygen directly to each cell. Oxygen dissolves in the cytoplasm layered across the lining of the finest tracheole near each cell and the carbon dioxide gets removed through the tracheole to the atmosphere. Nervous system of a cockroach is highly decentralized and survives for many weeks even after its head being cut off.

Prevention of Infestations

Chemical poisons when correctly used can get rid of these pests. They can be sprayed on the baseboards, kitchen cabinets, stoves and below the refrigerator. Prevention of cockroach breeding is better than eradicating them after they have multiplied. The sinks and tubs have to be kept in dry condition during nights. The utensils used for food preparation and consumption have to be cleaned and dried thoroughly leaving no scope for the insects to swarm over them. Prepared foods have to be stored in sealed containers and the floors and counters kept in a dry state. Stoves have to be degreased internally and externally. These creatures are fond of cracks in the wall or wooden cabinets. They sneak through the holes or hide in the gaps of the sinks.
Rooms should not be littered with paper and other disposable materials in a disorderly manner. Cockroach feeds on paper, fabrics and glues used for binding books and magazines.

Damages Caused By Cockroaches

Like many insects cockroaches can cause damage to your home during its nesting period. The larger the infestation the greater damage that can be done during this period.

Cockroaches pose a significant health risk to humans as they are a carrier of a number of diseases and can quickly contaminate food sources because they carry such illness causing organisms as bacteria and protozoa.

It has been recognized in many studies that the cockroach itself as well as its byproducts are known sources for many indoor allergenic agents. Young children are particularly prone to the allergens produced by cockroaches, these allergens are especially concerning to those children suffering from asthma.

The presence of cockroaches can have a profound effect on a person or families social status as well. Generally characterized as one of the ugliest in the insect family, an infestation can be uncomforting and can cause various levels of distress.

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