All about Wasps

waspWasp is a group of predatory stinging insects that belong to the family of Vespidae. They are known as yellow jackets in North America. It is one among the group of insects like sawflies, ants and bees that fly with their membranous wings and therefore are associated with larger orders called the Hymenoptera. The female gender is an ovipositor that possesses a venomous stinger in the posterior end.


The Wasp species are mainly classified into two categories namely the solitary and social. The adult solitary class, lives lonely and do not construct nests whereas the adult belonging to the social class form colonies and coexist. The worker insects build nests and lack the tendency of mating as they are sterile in nature. Only the advanced male and queen wasp mate.    


The wasp has two pairs of scaled wings and six legs. Almost all species live on land while some of the parasitic varieties are aquatic. They prey on spiders and aphids. The insect does not spoil the crops. The three parts namely, the head, metasoma and mesosoma of its body are covered by a hard exoskeleton. The queen insect is bigger in size than other males and females. They differ from bees in their body construction. Social category feeds on fallen fruit, nectar from flowers and carrion.


The queen wasp starts the construction of hornet like nest in tiers resembling the shape of a walnut. The size of the nest is directly proportional to the number of female workers in the colony. Social type does not excrete wax-like substance like bees. They have a natural instinct of creating paper-like substance from weathered wood by chewing with saliva. With the pulp, they make combs and build nests on trees, holes on the ground and in attics. The solitary insects build mud cells in hidden places on the side walls.

Wasp Removal

waspsOne of the things that you would need in order to get rid of wasps is the wasp remover. You can easily get wasp remover in the market. Another thing that you would need is loads of old clothes which you do not use for wearing purpose anymore. It is highly recommended that you wear gloves when you are trying to get rid of wasps. When you want to remove the wasps from your house you need to take the protective measure of wearing a mask.

A wasp remover is usually attached with the spray. In case it is not then you would have to buy a spray as well. One of the most important things you need to do in order to get rid of wasps is to find the exact location of their nest. You would not be able to remove the wasps unless and until you don’t know the exact location of their nest. In case the nest is near the door of your house then it is very important for you to have an alternate access to your house.

All types of wasps are usually in their nest at late night. It is highly recommended that you start the process of removing the wasps during the night time. One thing you need to remember is to wear as many old clothes as you can while removing the wasps nest. Make sure that you never wear those clothes again in your life and just dump them into some safe place once your job is done. You need to also wear the mask and the gloves during the activity. One of the important things to consider is to keep your children and pets as far away from the wasps nest as possible. It is highly recommended that you make them stay elsewhere while you are getting rid of the wasps.

It is very important to plan an escape route. Once you spray the chemical on the nest you will have to use the escape route to get away from that area. Read the directions on the can to find out how long to wait before entering the area again, usually you would wait a minimum of 24 hours.

Do not get up the next morning and run towards the area to see the result. Once you get up make sure that you slowly move towards the area. It is only safe for you to go near the nest if you are sure that all the wasps are dead. Incase if you can see some wasps alive then it is highly recommended to spray the chemical once again on the nest.

There is another efficient way of getting rid of wasps. You can simply put fire below the nest. The smoke rising from the fire is good enough to choke the wasps and the wasps will start to die or they will leave the nest and fly away out of that area. Once all the wasps are gone you can easily destroy the nest and get rid of wasps.

However, one thing you need to make sure that during the whole process of wasps’ removal the wasp should not sting you. A wasp sting can be extremely painful and it is therefore very essential that you wear all the protective measures that are mentioned above.

One your method turns out to be success make sure to check couple of times that all the wasps are gone or died. A little casual approach can be dangerous for your health. You can easily get rid of wasps if you are able to follow the above steps properly. In case you are not able to do it then you are recommended to call the experts and get the job done.

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