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Illinois Pest Control

Considered the “Land Of Lincoln”, Illinois has been home at one point or another to many presidents including Abe, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.  Although proud of its presidential legacy, Illinois is also known for its central location in the United States and is one of the nation’s manufacturing leaders.  Archer Daniels Midland, Boeing and Sara Lee are a few of the Fortune 500 manufacturers located in the state.  Strong in agriculture, Illinois is a leading producer of soybeans, corn and swine and exports nearly $4 billion worth of goods each year.  Warehousing and distribution are also a key industry as the state’s location in the center of the country making it a cost effective location for storing and distributing products regionally, nationally and even internationally.  While once covered in long prairie grass Illinois is now densely populated and industrialized in some areas and characterized by small towns and mid-sized cities in other parts and also has less populated areas where agriculture is focused on. With such a diverse mix of urban, suburban and farmland it is no wonder that insect and rodent problems exist in communities throughout the state.  For Illinois property owners finding a local pest control company who understands their pest concerns and who delivers effective exterminating and control services can be a difficult and overwhelming task.

Residential Pest Control For Illinois

It doesn't matter where you live in Illinois, pests will try to enter your home and many will succeed.  Nuisance pests like lady bugs, cluster flies and spiders won't harm the property or carry disease to the inhabitants of the home but when they invade generally they do so in large numbers.  Other pests such as carpenter ants and mice are not only a nuisance they are likely to cause serious structural damage to a residential dwelling.    Local pest professionals understand homeowners’ concerns about insect and rodent infestations and can will eliminate existing pest problems as well as prevent future activity with routine home pest control.  Illinois exterminators and pest control professionals can also help homes that are experiencing bed bug problems or termites with carefully developed residential bed bug control and termite control.

Illinois Commercial Exterminators And Pest Control

Illinois residents are not the only ones fighting embarrassing pest intrusions.  Companies in Illinois also struggle with insect and rodent infestations regardless of their industry.  Pests such as ants, cockroaches, flies and rodents all have the ability to contaminate food and non-food product, may expose employees and customers to health issues and are likely to negatively impact a company’s hard-earned reputation as well as their bottom line.  Another problem that is growing quickly and affecting hospitals, hotels and other facilities that experience frequent occupancy turnover are bed bugs.  Bed bugs and other commercial pest problems may be difficult or impossible to treat without the help of trained professionals.  Employing the skills of a local pest control company in Illinois that offers commercial pest services is the ideal solution no matter what size company or what industry. 

Seasonal Pest Concerns In Illinois

Pest problems are an issue for Illinois property owners regardless of the season.  Springtime in Illinois means that carpenter ants, bees and termites are likely to be problem as are many insects emerging from wall voids and other overwintering sites.  As the temperatures continue to warm mosquitoes and spiders become more active and while the latter is simply a nuisance pest that is attracted to summer’s high levels of insects, mosquitoes are biters and may carry serious viruses such as the mosquito-borne West Nile virus.  Fall and winter pest concerns stem from the insect and rodents seeking shelter from the cold.  Box elder bugs, lady bugs and mice are generally a pest problem as they invade attics, wall voids and other areas that are ideal for overwintering.  Ants may also establish satellite colonies inside a structure during the winter.  Because Illinois pest experts are knowledgeable on the insect and rodent problems that occur in the Prairie State, they can address the pest control needs of home and business owners alike, treat existing pest problems and help implement measures to prevent future issues.

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