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Indiana Pest Control

Known as the Hoosier State, Indiana was the nineteenth state to enter the Union in 1816. Indiana means “Land of the Indians”, so it is no surprise that this proud state boasts one of the best preserved Native American sites in the United States located at the Angel Mounds State Historic Site. Indiana is also the proud host of the Indianapolis 500 motorsports race, which is the largest one day sports event held anywhere in the world. The state is primarily hills, valleys, prairies and plains, and has extensive farms throughout the state. Regardless where you live in the state, from Fort Wayne to Columbia City, insects, rodents and wildlife intrusions can be a stressful chore that no one wants to deal with.

Residential Pest Control for Indiana

Indiana homeowners must battle a number of unwanted pests that look for entrance and nesting sites within their home. Ants, lady beetles and mice are some of the most common household invaders in Indiana. Buying a home most often is the largest purchase that a person ever makes, so it’s important to be vigilant against invaders. Carpenter ants foraging for food will enter the home and can weaken the wooden structure as they create nests within the walls. Also looking for nesting locations are mice, who pose several dangers; like carpenter ants, they chew on the structure of the home as they build their nests, destroying insulation, wooden beams, but most worrisome, they have been known to chew through electrical wires and cause home fires. Mice are also carriers of several diseases, which can be spread to humans when there is contact with their droppings. For the pet owner, fleas are a common problem that is often dealt with in conjunction with a treatment suggested by your veterinarian, but many people don’t realize that the earwig will invade a home with fleas, doubling your infestation. Don’t risk your house’s safety or the health of your family, hire local licensed pest control experts to eradicate these pests, identify all possible entry points and keep your home free from future invaders with follow up care. Home pest control services are the most effective way to eliminate current pest infestations and helps prevent future pest problems.

Indiana Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Indiana businesses are not free from pest infestations either. Indiana offers many great tourist attractions and a pest problem can do damage not only to the physical structure of the business, but also harm its reputation. Bed bugs have become a growing problem in recent years and one that is not easily solved without the help of an Indiana pest control company. Many businesses think that bed bugs are not a concern for them if they are not a hotel, but bed bugs have been found in businesses such as hospitals, movie theaters, college dorms, schools, and apartment complexes to name a few. Professional exterminators are your best line of offense and defense to rid your business of this growing problem. Other common infestations in commercial and industrial facilities include ants, cockroaches, mice, rats and flies. All of these pest intrusions need the attention of trained licensed professionals who offer regular pest control service to eliminate the problem and keep them from returning again. No matter what size business and what size pest problem, a solution can be customized to fit your needs using eco-friendly solutions.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Indiana

As the seasons change, different pest concerns need to be addressed. Some of the pest challenges in the spring and summer months include earwigs, lady bugs, , carpenter ants, and stinging insects. The fall and winter months force box elder bugs, asian lady beetles, mice, rats and wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels indoors looking for warm shelter for the colder months. Local professional pest control experts can help you to keep your home and business free of the infestations, no matter the season, with eco-friendly methods that are safe for both you and the environment.


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