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Schendel Pest Services
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Since 1947 Schendel Pest Services has provided comprehensive pest control services that resolve insect and rodent problems.

Services Include:

Residential Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Bed Bug Heat Treatments
Wildlife Removal

    Topeka, Kansas

    Topeka Pest Control

    Finding a Topeka pest control company who is knowledgeable on the insect and rodents occurring in Kansas is the ideal way to insure your Topeka is and remains free of unwanted pests including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice and termites. Eco-friendly pest management programs are available and are highly effective in combating nuisance and damaging pest while reducing the use of unnecessary chemicals.

    Pest Control Services Available In Topeka KS

    • Residential Pest Control
    • Commercial Pest Control
    • Bed Bug Services
    • Bed Bug Heat Treatments
    • LEED Certification
    • Mosquito Services
    • Pest Bird Removal and Control
    • Termite Services

    Residential Pest Control Services Topeka

    Homeowners in Topeka and throughout Kansas work hard to maintain their homes so it only makes sense that they use residential pest control services that eliminate household pests including ants, earwigs, springtails and rodents. Topeka home pest control services are designed to provide protection all year long and include quarterly pest control services that ensure a home is protected no matter what the season. By treating the interior and exterior as well as routine monitoring for any new pest activity homeowners can be sure that their homes are free of crickets, fleas, silverfish as well as other insect and rodent invaders.

    Topeka Seasonal Pest Concerns

    Topeka exterminators and pest professionals understand how that property owners face a variety of pest problems all year long and that is why they are ready to help combat seasonal pest concerns from ants, millipedes and moles in the spring to mosquitoes, spiders and stinging insects in the summer. They can also help keep out fall pests such as box elder bugs and mice who will look for the ideal overwintering site once the temperatures start to cool and eliminate common wintertime pests including silverfish and rodents.

    Topeka Commercial Pest Control

    Businesses in Topeka frequently face pest infestations that threaten their company's image and negatively impact their profits. A severe pest problem could even shut them down indefinitely. Fortunately there are  commercial pest control services in Topeka to help commercial facilities eliminate invading insects and rodents, no matter what type of industry or facility size. Pest professionals realize that all businesses need superior protection and commercial pest services that comply with specific industry regulations and that is why they offer solutions for a wide variety of businesses and industries in Kansas City including educational facilities, food and beverage processing, hospitals, hotels, multi-unit complexes, restaurants, retail environments and supermarkets. Common commercial pests include ants, cockroaches, flies, mice and rats.

    Termites Control for Topeka Kansas

    Termites are wood destroying insects that are masters of staying out of sight.  Property owners often don't realize that they have them until they have been severely infested and the termite damage is noticeable. It is estimated that termites are responsible for several billions of dollars in damages to buildings every year in this country and those damages are often not covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. Topeka termite exterminators understand how destructive these insects can be and that is why many offer highly effective termite control that includes a thorough inspection, detailed treatment and routine monitoring to prevent new activity. Comprehensive programs are available in Topeka to eliminate this problematic insect if you’ve discovered termites in your home or business or simply want reassurance you’re your property is free of termite colonies finding a Topeka termite control is the ideal solution.

    Bed Bug Removal Services for Topeka Homes And Businesses

    Bed bugs are tiny insects that run fast and travel far on people, luggage or other items in motion. These nocturnal pests can be found just about anywhere that people are found such as homes, theaters, hospitals, hotels, school, apartment complexes and more. Although they are most often associated with beds, they can also be found in furniture crevices, electrical outlets, between floor cracks and behind picture frames as well as any area occupied by a person. With so many hiding places and a tendency to be resistant to treatment, bed bugs are virtually impossible to eliminate without the help of a professional. In Kansas City home and business owners can relax knowing that bed bug control and highly effective bed bug heat treatments are available in their city.


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