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Kentucky Pest Control

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is nicknamed the Bluegrass State for it's abundance of bluegrass growing in it's many pastures. Kentucky borders seven states as well as the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The state may possibly be best known as the birthplace of President Lincoln and the the Kentucky Derby. Kentucky has successfully reintroduced elk and wild turkeys, both which had been extinct in that area prior to the reintroduction.  In 2009, the elk population has reached 10,000 and the turkeys had surpassed the 29,000 mark. Not all wildlife stays where it should and whether you live in Evansville, Lexington or Louisville, rodents, insects and wildlife entering into your home or business is an unwanted and stressful occurrence.

Residential Pest Control for Kentucky

Homeowners in Kentucky will often find themselves battling ant invasions. Ants prefer to be outside, but will enter the home to find food, entering the home though small cracks, power lines, plumbing and other small spaces. Small ants are regarded as nuisance pest, where as carpenter ants are capable of causing structural damage to the home.  Another invading pest that causes structural damage are mice. Mice enter the home looking for a place to nest causing damage as they chew into the insulation, wood structure and sometimes the electrical wires. In addition to causing structural damage, mice carry disease that can be spread to the inhabitants of the home. Many pet owners worry about a possible flea infestation, but fleas are the least of their worries. Homes with fleas attract earwigs, which then increases your pest problem greatly. No matter the type or size of your infestations, local licensed pest control experts can eradicate any pest invasion, pinpoint the place where they are entering and seal those areas.  Your family and home are what matters most to you, protect them by getting a home inspection by a professional exterminator at the first sign of pests.

Kentucky Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Business owners are not exempt from pest invasions. A restaurant or supermarket must be vigilant to keep pests out as they are both perfect targets for ants, cockroaches, mice and rats. Hotels, inns, hospitals, schools and movie theaters are just a few of the places that must battle with the resurgence of the bed bug. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate and without the help of a professional, will probably not be a problem that can be completely solved. After working to build a successful business, a pest infestation can be extremely harmful to the business's reputation which is why being proactive is very important. A local exterminator can enter the business, inspect the grounds inside and out, use environmentally friendly methods to eliminate any pests found, seal entry points, and provide follow-up to insure the business stays pest free.  

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Kentucky

Each season brings different challenges to the residents of Kentucky.  Spring and summer bring fleas, earwigs, stinging insects and ladybugs. As cold weather approaches, mice and termites both search for a warm place to stay and your home or business start to looks like a perfect place to nest. Don't take chances with your home or business, hire a local exterminator to evaluate your location and keep your home or business pest free.


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