Maine Pest Control

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Maine Pest Control

The state of Maine is the largest state in New England, though it is the most sparsely populated state east of the Mississippi. Maine is often called Vacationland which describes the state perfectly as the state boasts mountains, lakes, beaches and forests. The state is also known as the Pine Tree State, a nickname that is deserved as ninety percent of its land is forested. With that much forest, pests are bound to be an issue. No matter the city, Portland, Bangor or Fort Kent, insects, rodents and wildlife nuisances exist. Finding qualified, licensed pest control experts can be a challenge for home and business owners but there are Maine pest control companies available to resolve all your pest infestations and help you develop a plan to prevent future pest issues.

Residential Pest Control for Maine

In a state as large and diverse as Maine means there are many pests homeowners must be wary of and protecting your home against these pests can be a challenge. Southern Maine residents may have termites while residents in Downeast and Northern Maine struggle with carpenter ants. Having a trained professional on your side can make the difference in fighting pests and successfully exterminating them. Pests found in Maine include bed bugs, pest birds, carpenter ants and termites, flies, stinging insects, cockroaches, ticks and mosquitoes, and a variety of rodents. Whether its birds nesting in your attic, carpenter ants tunneling in your walls or mice in the basement, pest problems can and often do cause additional stress for many homeowners. With so many pests trying to invade your home, it’s important to have an insured residential pest control company on your side. No matter if the infestation is large or small, quality service, thorough follow-up and environmentally friendly methods of extermination are available to you in your area.

Maine Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Maine businesses also struggle with wildlife, pests and rodents. Every industry and even business has its own unique pest concerns. Campgrounds may face raccoons, mosquitoes and ticks while hotels must maintain conditions free from bed bugs and restaurants need free of rodents and flies. Any of these pest issues can hurt a company’s professional image and affect the long term success of the business. Commercial pest control is not only important but critical in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for the customer as well as the employee. Well trained, licensed exterminators and pest control professionals can help a business to rid itself of wildlife, insects and rodents in a professional, economical, and environmentally friendly way.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Maine

Rodents, insects and wildlife challenge Mainers throughout the year, though certain times of the year present specific challenges. Maine residents know that spring is in the air when a variety of flying insects are also in the air. Spring and summer brings swarming termites, carpenter ants, ticks and mosquitoes among other insects into the home and business. Fall and winter months leave rodents out in the cold looking for a warm home of their own. Regardless of the pest it can be effectively removed with a simple call or email to local pest control experts.


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