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Maryland Pest Control

One of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States, Maryland is rich in history. Nicknamed “America in Miniature” for its diverse topography, Maryland has sandy beaches, marshes, hills, forests and mountains. The only thing lacking in Maryland’s natural landscape are nature made lakes, as the glaciers in the last ice age failed to reach as far south as Maryland. With the diverse natural surroundings, it’s not surprising that Maryland struggles with its share of insect, rodent and wildlife problems from Bethesda to Silver Springs. In today’s hectic world, pest issues are just one more stress added to our daily lives, so it’s important to be able to quickly and easily locate a qualified, licensed pest control specialist that can aid in solving all your pest removal needs.

Residential Pest Control for Maryland

Throughout the state, Maryland homeowners battle with pests and the threat those pests pose to their home, family and pets year round. Often they must contend with pests such as carpenter ants and termites as both are insects that will destroy the integrity of your home. Rodents are another large pest problem as they infest homes with the intent to forage, nest and reproduce. They can contaminate insulation with their droppings and both mice and rats are known for gnawing on electrical wires which can create a potential fire hazard. Rodents not only pose a threat to the home’s structure, but are also transmitters of disease putting the health of the family residing in the home at risk. Finding a Maryland pest control company who offers residential pest control services is the ideal to get rid of insects, rodents and wildlife. A professional home pest control specialist is trained at identifying areas of concern, eliminating current infestations and implementing prevention measures to discourage pests from returning.

Maryland Commercial Exterminators And Pest Control

Maryland businesses are not exempt from pest issues, whether it be a hotel or hospital battling bed bugs, a shopping mall facing the increase in rodent activity or cockroaches in a commercial kitchen, experienced Maryland exterminators can solve these problems as well as other insect, rodent and wildlife issues. Commercial pest control services include a thorough inspection of the business or commercial facility, necessary treatment to resolve current pest problems and preventative care and continued monitoring to discourage future pest infestations. Reporting and complying with industry regulations is also a critical part of any commercial pest management program.

Licensed, quality professional pest removal experts can help Maryland businesses keep their staff and consumers safe and healthy.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Maryland

Although pest problems exist all year long, Maryland faces different concerns every season. In the spring and summer home and business owners alike are faced with swarms of termites as well as carpenter ants and stinging insects. Fall sees the increase of insects such as box elder bugs and lady beetles searching for a site to overwinter and as soon as the cold weather begins rodents start making their way inside. Although many think termites are dormant over the winter they are in fact active all year long as can be satellite colonies of carpenter ants. Regular or seasonal pest control service is the best way to protect your home or company all year long. Regardless of the season or size of the pest problem, licensed local exterminators are available to eliminate any annoying and destructive pests that have infested your property.


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