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Michigan Pest Control

The State of Michigan is made up of two peninsulas and borders four out of the five Great Lakes. Michigan is the birthplace of the auto industry as the home of the first Ford plant in Highland Park. The state also boasts mountains, hills and forests, but is best known for its lakes, marshes and rivers. There is no point in Michigan that is further than 6 miles from a lake and no matter where you live or operate a business in the state, whether Ann Arbor, Detroit or Troy, insects, wildlife and rodents can be an inconvenience that no one wants to deal with, but most need to at some point.

Residential Pest Control for Michigan

Homeowners in Michigan must be proactive at the first sight of unwanted pests. Critters invading Michigan homes include carpenter ants, flies, mice and spiders. While many common household pests are considered a nuisance pest, others may pose a health risk to the family living within an infested home as well as endanger the structure of the home. Carpenter ants weaken the wood, while mice nest in the insulation and chew on the wiring risking fire to the home. Larger invaders that enter the home to nest in the attic or chimney as well as outbuildings and raid trash bins include squirrels and raccoons. Your home is your biggest investment; don’t risk its safety or the health of your family. Find a local, licensed Michigan pest control company to eradicate any nuisance and harmful pests and to help you keep your home free from future unwanted insect and rodent activity all year long.

Michigan Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Businesses and commercial facilities in Michigan are not exempt from pests. Insects, rodents and wildlife can damage buildings and property, contaminate food and products and tarnish the reputation of the business itself. Roaches, mice and flies in a restaurant can discourage even the loyalists of customers while bed bugs in hotels, hospitals or apartment complexes are easily spread and tough to control. With help from a Michigan exterminator insects and rodents can be eliminated as well as future problems prevented.  Pest control companies in Michigan will work with you to develop a pest management plan that resolves all pest problems that are occurring in your facility. No matter what type of business or industry or scope of the problem, a solution can be customized to fit your needs using highly effective yet eco-friendly pest control and exterminating techniques.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Michigan

Throughout the year Michigan home and business owners encounter a variety of nuisance and potentially harmful pests. Spring time sees the emergence of ants, stinging insects and termites. Some ants are an eye-sore but the carpenter ant and termite are both wood-destroying pests that invade rotten, decaying wood on your property and will invade your home to prey on the dry wood that it is made up of. Bees, wasps and even wild animals such as raccoons can pose a problem for businesses that provide outdoor events and accommodations and for homeowners who keep their trash outside or who want to enjoy a BBQ in their backyard. In fall many outdoor insects head indoors to find suitable shelter in which to overwinter. Lady bugs, box elder bugs, mice and rats are all likely pests to encounter as the weather turns cold. Mice and other commensal rodents continue to cause problems during the winter as they share space with and rely on humans for their survival. Nesting in wall voids, insulation, storage areas and the attic are common among these pests and they will gnaw on electrical wiring and contaminate spaces with their droppings if left unaddressed. Although it may seem like a difficult task ridding your home or office of pests is possible, no matter what the season when you contact a local pest control company for help. Trained, knowledgeable professionals can assist you in eradicating any current pest problems as well as prevent future infestations.


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