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Minnesota Pest Control

Minnesota is the twelfth largest state in the United States and the most northern of the forty-eight contiguous states. Some of the oldest rocks found on earth were located in Minnesota, dating back some 3.6 billion years. Minnesota has an internationally knos arts community that draws those who love the arts to visit the state. The natural beauty of Minnesota also brings countless tourists to its lakes, forests and parks. It also attracts many insects, rodents and wildlife to its borders. Regardless if you are a home or business owner in Alexandria, Fridley or Minneapolis pest problems do occur and can become more than just a minor nuisance if left unaddressed. While protecting your home of business from pest infestations may seem difficult there is Minnesota pest control company that can control any infestation no matter the size or severity of the problem and using eco-friendly pest control methods and practices.

Residential Pest Control for Minnesota

No matter what city you live in, Minnesota residents battle termites. If a termite infestation occurs in your home, the best course of action is to immediately contact a local exterminator who is trained at getting rid of termites as well as preventing them. Other common household pests include pantry pests and carpenter ants as well as rodents and wildlife. While some pests pose a threat to your home’s structure other pests can transmit serious diseases, conditions or parasites to your family and pets including salmonella and roundworm. Residential pest control professionals will carry out a course of treatment for your infestation, eradicate the problem in an environmentally safe way as well as seal up entry points to ensure the pests will not return.

Minnesota Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Businesses such as hospitals, movie theaters, supermarkets and retail stores do not escape the destruction and embarrassment of pests. An infestation at a commercial establishment can be extremely harmful to the reputation of the business, after all, who wants to stay at a hotel with bed bug or dine at a restaurant infested with roaches or mice. All of Minnesota’s many industries face pest problems that can negatively impact the success of their business but with the aid of a pest control experts they can minimize the impact nuisance and damaging pests have on their facilities as well as exterminate and prevent pest problems, no matter how severe.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Minnesota

Spring and summer in Minnesota bring stinging insects, flies and ants out in force while fall and winter sees an increase in insects, rodents and wildlife such as box elder bugs, mice and squirrels moving indoors as they search for adequate food supplies and shelter to get them though the long winter. No matter the infestation, big or small, licensed Minnesota exterminators will help to eradicate the issue, identify the entry points to keep the pests out and provide follow-up care.


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