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Missouri Pest Control

Often referred to as the “Gateway to the West” Missouri is home to the eastern starting point of the Pony Express as well as the well know Oregon Trail and Santa Fe trail. Missouri’s divers economy is made up of wholesale and retail trade, food processing and manufacturing and agriculture with tourism becoming a fast growing. It is a state made up of hills, mountains and plateaus, not to mention many lakes that attract fishermen and sun seekers.. Even with the diverse landscapes, all Missouri towns and cities from St. Louis to Ellisville share a common concern, how to control insects, rodents and wildlife that are wont to invade homes and businesses alike.

Residential Pest Control for Missouri

Missouri home owners have many pests that can become problematic inside and outside the home. Ants, mice, termites, squirrels, raccoons and other pests are all common home invaders and also infest sheds, outbuildings and property in general. Such invaders can often cause structural damage and even chew through electrical wires leading to fires while moles and voles are known for digging tunnels and uprooting plants and lawn outside the home. Qualified Missouri pest control experts can evaluate the home to identify infestation types and entry points, and then eliminate the pest problem in an environmentally safe manner. Follow-up care will then help to insure that the pest problem does not return.

Missouri Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

College dorms, hotels, apartments and hospitals all share a common bond, the struggle to stay free of bed bugs. Missouri bed bug exterminators can use a safe, highly effective heat method that eliminates the bed bug problem that so many businesses struggle with. Manufacturing plants and commercial kitchens are often faced with controlling flies, roaches and rodent while Campgrounds and outdoor businesses can benefit greatly with mosquito control. Pests will decrease the customer’s impression of a business and can lead to a negative buzz that can adversely affect a company’s profits and future growth. It takes a lot of work to build a business up, so don’t let pests damage it. Contact a Missouri pest control company to evaluate the business location, identify insect, wildlife and / or rodent issues as well as remove the problem and implement exclusion measures to keep out future pest problems.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Missouri

Missouri battles different pest problems each season. Spring and summer bring mosquitoes out in swarms as well as moles foraging for insects, often times resulting in a yard dug up. As fall and winter approach, box elder bugs and other insects as well as raccoons and mice will move into or under homes to find a warm nest in which they can overwinter. No matter the season, type of infestation or severity of the pest problem, a local professional pest control expert can solve the problem. Contact a Missouri pest control company at the first sign of a problem to avoid a major infestation as well as costly repairs.


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