New Hampshire Pest Control

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Pest Control

New Hampshire has a proud history as one of the original thirteen states that founded the United States of America. Known as the Granite State, with a motto of “Live Free or Die”, citizens of this state maintain their political importance by holding the first Presidential primary in the nation. New Hampshire has a small coast line, many lakes and rivers as well as the tallest mountain in the northeast, Mount Washington, part of the White Mountain Range. Ranking 44th in land area, it is the second most forested state, which makes it an ideal place for all kinds of wildlife, insects, and rodents. Whether you live in Manchester, Laconia or Claremont, finding the right pest control specialists who can meet the needs of your home or business can be challenging.

Residential Pest Control for New Hampshire

With a long rich history, New Hampshire is filled with beautiful homes, and those home can become invaded with any number of different pests. Pests found in New England include bed bugs, carpenter ants and termites, cockroaches, flies, stinging insects, ticks and mosquitoes, pest birds, and a variety of rodents. Qualified pest contol experts are important in protecting your most valuable assests, your family and your home. Local insured professionals are available to come into your home, evaluate your pest problem, and treat it with care for your home and the environment. No matter the size of your pest problem, quailty exterminators can help you solve it.

New Hampshire Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

New Hampshire businesses face many challenges with invading pests also. It could be fruit flies in the kitchens, bed bugs in hotels or stinging bugs in a play structure, businesses struggle with pest issues that threaten their company’s image. New Hampshire businesses face invasions from a number of insects, small birds and rodents. Commercial pest control professionals provide services that are safe for the environment as well as to the customers that the business caters to. Hospitals, movie theaters and hotels with bed bug infestations can be treated to control the problem with the use of insecticides and careful follow-up inspections. Regardless of the severity of the infestation, highly trained professional exterminators can eliminate the nuisance pests.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents fight pests all year round, though each season brings on new challenges. Springtime brings the threat of carpenter ants inside homes and businesses. They can infest wood or foam insulation, hollow doors, window frames or any place with excessive moisture causing damage to the home or business’s structure. Summer challenges include ticks and mosquitoes. Trained exterminators can greatly reduce the number of these insects making the season more enjoyable for all those who live or vacation in New Hampshire. During the fall and winter months, rats and mice are on the move looking for warm shelter; they damage property, spread illness and contaminate food.


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