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Ohio Pest Control

Ohio state is a state of plains, plateaus, hills and forests.  Nicknamed the "Buck-eye State" after the Buckeye tree, the residents are often referred to as Ohioans or Buckeyes.  Ohio experiences a wide variety of weather from cold winters to hot summers and is considered part of "Tornado Alley" and the "Snowbelt".  The state has also experienced more than thirty earthquakes in the last ten years.  If the weather and earthquake threats aren't enough to keep Ohioans on their toes, insects, rodents and wildlife invading homes from Canton to Dayton to Toledo only add to life's challenges.  

Residential Pest Control for Ohio

For many Ohioans protecting their families and homes from unwanted pests can be quite daunting. That’s because there are many insect, rodent and wildlife pests that commonly infest residential dwellings in Ohio and may be only a nuisance but may also have the ability to cause damage.  Foraging ants, fleas that have hitched a ride in on the dog and earwigs are all common household pests as are the damaging carpenter ant, gnawing house mouse and spider who leaves unsightly webs in eaves.   Residential pest control services are available throughout Ohio and there are local exterminators that provide home pest control to target even the most severe pest infestations.

Ohio Commercial Exterminators And Pest Control

Ohio businesses must also be vigilant to keep pests at bay.  Customers will not return to a restaurant where ants, cockroaches, flies, mice or rats have been seen.  Negative buzz about a business with a pest problem can destroy the reputation that a business has worked hard to build.  Hotels, motels, inns, hospitals, movie theaters and similar businesses must battle with the ever spreading bed bug problem.  Once a rarity, the bed bug has had a major resurgence in the United States and are infesting commercial facilities right in Ohio. To help business owners and operators combat commercial pest problems there are local pest professionals who offer routine service and will help resolve existing pest problems and prevent future activity while complying with a company's industry regulations and standards. 

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Ohio

Ohio enjoys four seasons and each season brings different pest challenges to the residents of the state.   Springtime in Ohio is about the time that stinging insects begin their new colonies and often construct nests in eaves, under porches or even in the ground depending on the type.  Ants are another active pest in spring and may attempt to forage inside a building.  Mosquitoes are a major summer pest in Ohio as are spiders due to the high levels of insects during that time of year.  The arrival of fall and winter coincides with the increase in rodent activity and may also spur wildlife like raccoons and squirrels to seek shelter inside.  Your home and your business are your largest investments, protect them by hiring a local pest control company in Ohio before an infestation takes over. 


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