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Since 1947 Schendel Pest Services has provided comprehensive pest control services that resolve insect and rodent problems.

Services Include:

Residential Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Bed Bug Heat Treatments
Wildlife Removal

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Tulsa Pest Control

    There are many pests in the Tulsa area looking to invade and damage your home. Thankfully there are local pest control companies with state of the art equipment and techniques to solve virtually any pest infestation or problem. Do not try to exterminate these pests on your own when a professional can eradicate the issue in less time and in many cases cheaper than the do-it yourself products at the local hardware store.

    Pest Control Services Available In Tulsa OK

    • Residential Pest Control
    • Commercial Pest Control
    • Termite Control
    • Wildlife Removal Services
    • Bed Bug Services

    Residential Pest Control Services In Tulsa OK

    Tulsa residents face problems with pest such as mice, stinging insects, rats, termites, and many other insects and small animals that are all trying to enter your home at different times of the year.  Local pest control companies have the most comprehensive pest elimination and prevention programs available.  Their licensed pest inspectors will complete a comprehensive inspection of your home and report to you any signs of pest activity. Your trained technician will complete a perimeter treatment inside and outside your home and add insect glue monitors, dust pipe chases, vacuum dead insects, eliminate spider webs, and inspect light fixtures and around furniture while treating if needed.  Their ongoing service continues on a monthly basis as needed, trust them to inspect for pest activity outside, and if you'd like, inside at no additional charge.  Many companies even offer a warranty between visits, if new pest activity occurs between their treatments they will return to retreat at no additional charge.  Your family and property will both be safe when you hire a pest control company with the expertise to handle any pest problems you are facing.

    Tulsa Seasonal Pest Concerns

    Different seasons bring different pests to Oklahoma. During the summer months stinging insects such as wasps and bees as well as mosquitoes are often found in or around homes and businesses, while spring witnesses an increase in termite activity and infestations. The fall and winter months brings additional threats because box elder bugs, lady bugs and spiders all move indoors searching for shelter from the elements. Mice and rats also become unwelcome visitors in fall as they search for warmth and a food sources.  These rodents continue to be a problem in the winter as they nest in many parts of a structure such as attics, garages, and between walls. They also forage for food and water and contaminate insulation with their droppings and destroy the building’s wood and wiring with their chewing and gnawing. No matter what the season it is very important to keep your family and property safe from these pests that can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Call a local pest control company today for an on sight evaluation today.  

    Tulsa Commercial Pest Control

    Pest control professionals are the logical choice for businesses of any size as they provide you with customized integrated pest management programs that are specially designed for your specific industry.  Local pest control companies have the ability to work with businesses of any size, including national chains and partnerships thanks to their partnership with Copesan.  They can provide your business with bird control and exclusion, bed bug treatment, insect management, green and organic service methods, rodent management, sanitation inspection, pest proofing, product pest contamination consultation and much more.  They have successfully eliminated the most stubborn infestations for all types of businesses including airlines, supermarket, healthcare, food and beverage processing and distribution, lodging and hospitality, property management and many others.  No matter what the infestation, they will eliminate it and keep it from recurring all while demonstrating their outstanding customer service. The pest control companies of Tulsa have many years of experience and can control any pest infestation that your business may be facing. You have worked too hard to build a positive reputation in the business community do not allow a pest infestation damage that reputation, call a pest control company today for an on sight evaluation.

    Termite Control For Tulsa Oklahoma

    It may seem unbelievable but the pest that causes the most damage in the United States may be the termite. This small insect can damage the structure of your building by feeding upon the wood that is located in your home. If you notice sagging floors, windows and doors it may be the beginning signs of an infestation. If untreated, infestations can cause severe damage to your home. It is estimated that termite infestations are responsible for over five billion dollars worth of damage in the United States alone.  

    Tulsa Bed Bug Removal Services For Homes And Businesses

    Bed bugs are often thought of as a traveler's problem, but Tulsa property owners should understand that this is a misconception. Bed bugs are small and wingless but they're fast runners who travel on people or objects in motion. This ability to travel far and fast has lead to the fast spread of bed bugs throughout the country and infestations can be found in apartment buildings, hotels and other lodgings as well as hospitals, school dorms and homes. Bed bugs pose a problem to many because they're resistant to many pesticides. If you smell a sweet scent in the air or see spots of blood on your linens, you may have a bed bug infestation. Because of the difficulty in controlling a bed bug infestation it is best to contact a local professional to evaluate and eliminate the infestation. Local pest control companies have the proper equipment to eradicate the issue quickly and safely.


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