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South Dakota Pest Control

South Dakota is a state that is dependent on agriculture for it economy with ranching in the west and farming in the east. The eastern part of the state sits right in “Tornado Alley” and averages around 29 of these storms per year. Made up of flat lands, hills, grasslands, lakes and rivers as well as home to the Black Hills Mountain Range and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota is a state with a small population of people and an ideal place for insects, rodents and wildlife to thrive. . The state is heavily dependent on agriculture for it’s economy with ranching in the west and farming in the east. Unfortunately farmers, ranchers as well as other business and home owners, pests don’t limit their activities to the vast open lands, but also look for forage and take shelter within the walls of homes and commercial facilities throughout the state.

Residential Pest Control for South Dakota

South Dakota residents have countless nuisances that may invade their homes from ants to raccoons. Spiders are generally not poisonous in South Dakota but are considered a nuisance pest for their ability to infest homes and make them look messy with cobwebs in doorways, eaves and throughout the interior of the home. On the other hand, termites, carpenter ants and mice are all destructive insects and rodents that tend to destroy the wooden structure of the home. Mice can threaten electrical wire with their incessant gnawing which can lead to fires and they may also introduce disease into the home putting your family’s health in danger. Local licensed pest control companies in South Dakota can evaluate your infestation, implement the necessary treatments to get rid of ants, lady beetles, termites and other household pests use environmental friendly home pest control methods and practices. Preventing future infestations is also a critical part of protecting your home and there are residential pest control services available in South Dakota that offers a customized approach to protecting your home and family.

South Dakota Commercial Exterminators And Pest Control

Until recently, businesses didn’t have to worry about bed bugs, but a recent resurgence of the nighttime insect means a new focus needs to be paid to them. Bed bug infestations aren’t just a problem for hotels, motels and inns; hospitals, college dorms, schools, movie theaters and apartment buildings are also at risk not to mention other commercial lodgings and facilities. Other problems facing business owners and managers can include the destruction of landscaped property by moles, food contamination and damage to commercial kitchens by cockroaches, flies and mice. Pest infestations can negatively impact a company’s profits and their image. Industry regulations and the safety of customers and employees must also be considered when facing a problem, no matter how severe. Commercial pest control service is the ideal solution to resolve any pest problems as well as prevent future infestations and ensures that all quality standards are met using eco-friendly pest control methods including Integrated pest management. Regardless the infestation type or size, a local pest control expert can eliminate the problem using environmentally safe methods as well as maintain an environment free of insects, rodents and wildlife. ,

Seasonal Pest Concerns in South Dakota

No matter the season, it seems that pests are always a challenge. Moles dig up lawns looking for insects to eat and burrow tunnels to live in especially during the spring and summer months while bees, carpenter ants and mosquitoes are also a problem during the warmer seasons. Fall and winter force box elder bugs, beetles and mice and inside for warmth and ants are likely to set up satellite colonies inside a structure over the winter and may come out on milder days. Keep your family, home, business, employees and customers safe and healthy, don’t put off a getting an inspection of your property by a local exterminator.


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