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Vermont Pest Control

Originally named New Connecticut, Vermont is one of the smallest states in the country. Though Vermont does not have any coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean, its western border is partially lined by Lake Champlain and is home to the Green Mountains; a must see for tourists. Vermont leads the country in the production of maple syrup and every year draws many visitors who want to experience or taste the well known product firsthand. Vermont’s cities, mountains and lake regions all struggle with their own unique wildlife, insect and rodent problems; so no matter if you’re in Burlington, Essex or Windham, qualified pest control is important to help solve all the pest problems that the homes and businesses of this state face.

Residential Pest Control for Vermont

Vermont residents face a variety of invading pests and finding that local pest Control Company that treats your home in an environmentally friendly and effective method can be challenging. Problems that homeowners face include bed bugs, a variety of rodents, carpenter ants and termites, cockroaches, stinging insects, ticks and mosquitoes, flies and even pest birds. Whether there are squirrels in your attic, ants excavating in your walls or raccoons in your trash cans, pest control experts can eliminate the problem in an appropriate manner. Residential pest control service is the ideal solution to not only rid your home of insects, rodents and wildlife, but also to keep them from returning. Local, insured, quality pest control exterminators can help solve any of your pest problems.

Vermont Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Vermont businesses face similar problems as home owners, but must be able to combat the problem so it does not affect their business in a negative manner. It could be invading ants at a maple syrup location, bed bugs at a Bed and Breakfast or mosquitoes at a campground but no matter the industry businesses struggle with pest issues that threaten their company’s image and growth. Vermont businesses face invasions from a number of insects, wildlife, birds and rodents. The good news is that these infestations can be treated. No matter of the severity of the infestation, trained exterminators can eliminate the nuisance pests so that business owners and managers can concentrate on the success of their company and not what is lurking in their kitchens, retail space or anywhere else.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Vermont

Many types of insects pose nuisance to severe problems throughout the spring and summer months. Bees, carpenter ants and mosquitoes are of great concern during the warmer part of the year as well as wildlife like skunks and raccoons. Fall and winter pests such as box elder bugs, lady beetles, mice and other rodents and wildlife are often looking for a warm place to nest or overwinter. While they may appear harmless some pests are dangerous to encounter and can carry disease, contaminate food and create damage to property. Choosing an environmentally friendly, highly effective, quality pest control company can seem like an overwhelming task but with the right Vermont pest control company on the job, pest problems can be solved and future problems avoided.


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