Wisconsin Pest Control

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Wisconsin Pest Control

Nicknamed “America’s Dairyland” Wisconsin is the second largest dairy producer in the country and the leading producer of cheese. Located in the Midwest, Wisconsin is bordered by both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and boasts many lakes, bluffs, farms and forests. In fact forty-six percent of the state is covered in forest with a large variety of wildlife. Unfortunately, wildlife, rodents and insects are a problem for this manufacturing state and exist in many of the communities posing a nuisance to residential dwelling and commercial facilities alike from Madison to Milwaukee. For Wisconsin homeowners and business owners finding a local pest control company who understands their pest concerns and who delivers effective exterminating and control services can be a difficult and overwhelming task.

Residential Pest Control for Wisconsin

Homeowners in the great state of Wisconsin face many pest issues. Your home is your largest investment so protect it from unwanted pests like ants, moles, termites and cluster flies. Without proper treatment carpenter ants and termites cause structural damage to residential dwellings. A well tended lawn also attracts insects which attracts moles. While not dangerous, moles can damage your lawn and create underground tunnels throughout your property. Cluster flies are not disease carriers nor do they cause property damage, but they are a nuisance pest that most residents would like removed from their home. Well trained pest control professionals can identify the infestation, locate the entry point and eliminate the problem while also sealing up those entry points. Most importantly, all this can be done in an eco-friendly method that leaves your home safe and free from pests for your family to enjoy without worry.

Wisconsin Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

With an economy driven by manufacturing Wisconsin has many businesses and commercial that are faced with pest concerns as well as stringent regulations they must comply with in order to operate successfully. Food and product contamination, damaged inventory, structural damage is all likely results of a pest infestation. Rodents like mice and rats are not just a nuisance pest in a commercial kitchen but can jeopardize the health and wellbeing of customers and employees. That’s because they are known to carry several diseases which they spread through droppings, urine or by nibbling at the food and food storage boxes. Bed bugs are a major concern not only for hotels, motels, and inns, but also hospitals, office buildings, schools and apartment buildings. Without proper bed bug control bed bug infestations can become a severe and costly problem for property managers and business operators not to mention the damaging effects these pests can have on a company’s professional image. Commercial pest control professionals are knowledgeable on the pests that infest commercial facilities and can assess your business’ bed bug problem and treat it accordingly, often times using highly effective bed bug heat treatments. Business owners and managers need o be proactive with pest control so that their customers and employees are protected. Local extermination experts can identify all your pest control needs and develop a commercial pest management plan that will eliminate current problems as well as implement measures to prevent future infestations.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Wisconsin

Each season brings new wildlife, rodent and insect issues to the Midwest. With the arrival of spring termites swarms start emerging and carpenter ants become a more noticeable problem. Warmer weather coincides with bee problems and the start of the mosquito season. Box elder bugs and other insects will start to make their way indoors in the fall as they search for warm shelter to overwinter. Mice are also an issue for Wisconsin homes and businesses in the fall as they invade for the purpose of find food and shelter. They continue to be a problem throughout the winter months as they nest in walls, storage areas, gnaw on electrical wires and contaminate insulation with their droppings and nests. Using a professional pest control and exterminating company that practices careful and effective methods of pest removal is the ideal solution for homes and businesses. Protect your investment, whether it is your home or business, by scheduling an appointment with a local pest professional. Regardless of the size of the infestation, exterminators can safely and effectively solve any pest problem.


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