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Eau Claire Residents Ask: Are Mice Dangerous?

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After everyone goes to bed and your Eau Claire home is quiet, do you hear unexplained noises, do you find unexplained chew marks in your kitchen, basement and attic areas? Well, if you do, unless you have ghosts in your home, you probably have mice in your house. And unless you have invited them in yourself, they are most likely uninvited and a guest that you would like to evict as quickly as possible. Along with wanting them out of your home, you are probably worrying and asking yourself, are mice dangerous, what damages are they causing in my home and could they make my family and I ill?

The most common type of mouse to enter Eau Claire homes is the house mouse; this is a small mouse that can cause a lot of damage. So what exactly are the signs of a mouse problem in your home? Signs of a mouse infestation can include:

  • seeing mouse droppings throughout your home especially in kitchen, basement and attic areas

  • finding a mouse nest (generally round and the size of a grapefruit and made of soft materials)

  • hearing scratching noises in your attic or behind your walls

  • chew marks on furniture, walls, carpets, books, and boxes

  • finding unexplained hole or rips in food packaging

If you see signs of mice in your home, it is a sure sign that professional help is needed for mouse control. You may be thinking, “But mice are so small, how much damage could they possibly do?” Well the answer is actually quite a lot of damage. Mice are rodents and therefore have the need to constantly chew on objects in order to prevent their front incisors from overgrowing. When inside of your home, this need does not change and they damage both the structure of your home and personal property. They will chew through wires, plumbing pipes, insulation, and drywall which can all lead to dangerous fires and water damage. Along with physical damage, they can introduce a variety of bacteria and diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonella into your home that can make you and your family very ill.

If you currently have mice living in your home, contact your local pest control company today. Professional exterminators will be able to locate all the nesting and hiding areas that the mice have created within your home and eliminate them. They will also be able to help you identify the areas around our home that may be attracting or allowing mice inside. So while it is true that yes, mice in your home are dangerous, it is also true that professional help can quickly and effectively get rid of them and give you your peace of mind back. Contact Wil-Kil Pest Control for more information on pest control in Eau Claire and surrounding areas in Wisconsin.