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Nebraska Pest Control

Nebraska is the only state with a single branch of state legislature in the United States, originated Arbor Day in 1872 and is where Kool-Aid was created in 1927. The state is split into two time zones, the Central Time zone in the east and the Mountain time zone in the west and is made up of hills and plains with beautiful natural resources perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, boating and hunting. From Bennington to Lincoln to Omaha, all Nebraskans must battle insects, rodents and wildlife that are prone to invading their homes and businesses. Finding qualified local pest control company in Nebraska can be a time consuming and stressful task but is a must to protect homes, businesses and the people and pets that dwell within them.

Residential Pest Control for Nebraska

Nebraskans’ homes are at risk for various invaders including mice and termites. Mice will often chew through the interior of the home’s walls to make nests within the voids and insulation. This chewing or gnawing is not only destructive to the structure of the home, but also a danger if they chew on the electrical wires, possibly leading to a fire. Mice are not only a danger to the structure of the home, but also to the residents of it as they are known carriers of numerous diseases. Termites are also a danger to the homes as they will feed on the wood within home. Although they prefer rotten or decaying wood they will infest dry wood including furniture. No matter what the infestation, and no matter how severe, a Nebraska pest control company can help you resolve your problem and keep your home free of pests. Local licensed pest control experts can design a plan to eliminate the problem in a careful and environmentally friendly method. They will also pinpoint the location where the pests are entering and seal it up to keep future invaders out.

Nebraska Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Businesses in Nebraska must also deal with pests ranging from bed bugs to rats. Bed bugs have become a problem not only hotels, but also apartment buildings, college dorms, hospitals and assisted living facilities. Bed bug infestations can be eliminated using eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments and effective bed bug control services. Other insects and rodents, while may appear harmless; can cause serious problems for a company including food and product contamination, costly repairs and image issues No matter what the pest, local commercial exterminators are available in Nebraska to diagnosis your infestation and present you with a customized pest management solution for your business.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Nebraska

Many types of ants as well as stinging insects emerge in force during the warm months of spring and summer in Nebraska. In the fall and winter residents see an increase of box elder bugs, beetles and mice looking for warm nesting places to overwinter. No , matter how severe of any infestation, a Nebraska pest control company can eradicate the infestation and prevent a returning invasion.


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