Lincoln Pest Control

    The state of Missouri plays host to a number of different pests. These pests range from simple nuisance pest to pests that are very dangerous. With a busy schedule and a family it can be hard to keep your Lincoln home pest free, contact a local pest control company to assist you with troublesome pest infestations.

    Pest Control Services We Offer

    • Residential Pest Control and Prevention
    • Commercial Pest Control and Prevention
    • Rodent Removal, Control and Exclusion
    • Pest Bird Control and Removal
    • Bed Bug Heat Treatments
    • Termite and Mosquito Control
    • Mole Control and Removal

    Lincoln Residential Pest Control Services

    Lincoln homeowners have worked hard to purchase their homes and keep them in great shape, pest invasions can be a great source of stress.  Let your local pest control company take care of your home using high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly methods to eliminate the pests that you find yourself facing.  They come up against some of the most stubborn infestations with pests such as bed bugs, termites, carpenter ants, spiders, mice, cockroaches and many others.   They take pride by being able to offer residents either a one-time treatment call to eliminate a specific problem, or our year round pest control program that schedules five visits to your home during the year to eliminate current problems and to prevent future issues.  They will guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with the results or will return to rectify the situation.

    Lincoln Seasonal Pest Concerns

    Every season brings very different weather to the region, and with each change of season brings new pests trying to invade your home.  Lincoln residents can spend countless hours researching seasonal pests and the safest way to eliminate them or they can contact local pest control professionals and not have to give pests a second thought.  They will search for carpenter ants in the spring as this is the time of year that they become active again and start looking for food supplies.  If these ants find food in your home, they'll create nests inside your walls and while doing that they'll damage the structure of the building.  In the heat of the summer many people battle with mosquitoes and move events indoors, but you don't need to, local pest control companies are able to treat for mosquitoes and save that party you may have planned.  Also causing problems for homeowners are moles.   These creatures dig and tunnel in their hunt for lawn insects to eat and in the process can make a terrible mess of your property.  In the fall spiders move indoors for shelter from the elements.  Though there are no poisonous spiders in our region they are still a nuisance to have in the home and our pest control experts can remove them.   The house mouse also moves indoors in the winter looking for warmth and food.  As they nest in the walls they chew at the wood and cause structural damage and sometimes chew through electrical wires leading to the possibility of house fires.  Mice also enter cupboards in search of food supplies, contaminating as they chew and leave droppings behind.  No matter what your infestation or how stubborn it is, local pest control companies can handle it in an eco-friendly, affordable way.  Contact them today for your first appointment.

    Lincoln Commercial Pest Control

    Local pest control companies understand that in order to compete in any economy you need to present the best image possible for you business.  Lincoln businesses can't risk having their reputation damaged by the presence of pests.  Area technicians have received extensive training on the proper methods to use when dealing with pests in apartment complexes, food processing plants, farms, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores, schools and countless other industries. They are proud to have partnered with Copesan which allows them to service even the largest companies with national chains and partnerships.  Contact a local pest control company today and start on a pest-free future tomorrow.

    Termites Control for Lincoln, Nebraska

    Termites are small insects that are able to cause massive damage in very little time.  Masters of hiding themselves, many Lincoln homeowners don't realize that they have a problem until their drywall starts to crack or their doors begin to sag.  Termites are blamed for over 5 billion dollars a year in damage, don't risk that your home becomes part of that statistic.  Local technicians use a non-repellant, Termidor, which can stop the infestation and prevent another from entering.  Don't lose sleep worrying about termites, make your appointment today and let the technician assess your property and treat it if in fact a colony is found.

    Bed Bug removal Services for Lincoln Homes and Businesses

    Bed bugs are tiny insect that have no wings, yet because they are fast runners and like to hitch rides on people, animals and objects have spread across the country.  Lincoln residents should keep an eye out for these bugs as they can now be found in homes, schools, movie theaters, hospitals and just about anywhere that people are found.  You local pest control companies are proud to be able to offer heat treatments to eradicate this type of infestation.  Heat treatments are the most effective and safest way to deal with these pesticide resistant bugs.  The technician will raise the temperature of the room until all the bed bugs are dead, because there are no pesticides involved, the homeowner can reenter the room immediately following treatment.  They will do their best to come to assess your bed bug problem the day you call, and if that's not possible they will meet with you the following day.


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