Virginia Pest Control

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Virginia Pest Control

The Common Wealth of Virginia is often referred to as the “Mother of Presidents” as eight of our presidents were born in this beautiful state. The Chesapeake Bay, originally formed from a meteor crater, is where many of Virginia’s rivers flow into. Although known for its mountains, valleys, plateaus, forests and shore lines, forests cover over sixty-five percent of the state which means that wildlife is abundant. In addition to wildlife, insects and rodents are concerns of home and business owners alike in Arlington, McLean and elsewhere in the state. It can be extremely stressful when pests invade and individuals or businesses must battle these nuisances, but you don’t need to do it alone as there are professional licensed pest control companies and exterminators ready to resolve your pest problems, no matter how severe.

Residential Pest Control for Virginia

Virginia’s long history means there are many older homes alongside the newer homes. Homeowners are faced with a myriad of pest infestations from termites invading their home and threatening the integrity of the home’s structure to carpenter ants establishing colonies both inside and out. Mice and rats seek nesting areas within the home’s walls and insulation. Not only do rodents have the ability to cause damage and create fire hazards with their chewing, they are also known to carry disease with them and thus posing a threat to the family living within. You home is your largest investment, and your family is your most precious valuable. Protect them both with help from a Virginia pest control company who offers local service and provides licensed, trained pest control professionals. These exterminators can evaluate your pest problem, eradicate any pest infestations in an environmentally safe manner as well as identify entry points and seal them to help avoid future infestations. .

Virginia Commercial Exterminators & Pest Control

Virginia businesses also face pest intrusions. Hotels, motels, inns and hospitals all struggle with bed bug infestations are they often enter undetected on the luggage or person of a welcomed customer. Pest control experts can provide highly effective methods of dealing with this problem and provide follow-up to ensure that the nighttime pests do not return. Along with bed bugs, flies, cockroaches and rodents such as mice and rats are a great concern to any company and rightfully so. Not only can insects, rodents and wildlife contaminate food and product and cause costly repairs, some are known carriers of serious diseases such as salmonella and rabies. It is imperative that businesses combat any and all pest infestations or problems quickly to maintain their business’s image as well as to protect the health of their employees and customers. Professional commercial pest control experts can eliminate these invaders in an environmentally friendly method, identify entry points for the pests and provide follow-up to insure the problem does not return.

Seasonal Pest Concerns in Virginia

Virginia residents can count on their local pest control expert to understand the challenges that each season brings. Fall and winter brings insects such as the box elder bug looking for an ideal site to overwinter as well as rodents and sometimes larger wildlife including raccoons in search of warm nesting areas in or under the home. Springtime in Virginia is when swarming termites start emerging in large numbers in order to establish new colonies. Bees and carpenter ants are also a concern during the spring and go on to be nuisance and potentially harmful pests throughout the summer. Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are likely summertime pests as well and while completely eliminating them is impossible, there are ways to mitigate those types of problems on your property. No matter how severe an infestation, these pests can be controlled, prevented and in many cases eliminated when you utilize the services of a pest control company.


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