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    McLean, Virginia

    McLean Pest Control

    Utilizing the services of a McLean pest control company is the smart choice when insects, rodents or nuisance wildlife have invaded your home or business or property.  Keep your McLean home or business free of unwanted pests including bed bugs, carpenter ants, mice, termites, and cockroaches. Eco-friendly pest management programs are available and highly effective in combating pest problems while reducing the use of unnecessary environmentally damaging chemicals.

    Pest Control Services Available In McLean VA

    • Residential Pest Control
    • Commercial Pest Control
    • Termite Control
    • Pest Control Insulation
    • Bed Bug Services

    Residential Pest Control Services In McLean VA

    Keep your home free from insects and rodents with McLean exterminators and pest control professionals who offer residential pest control in McLean. While many insects and rodents that are found in homes are considered a nuisance like ladybugs and box elder bugs, there are pests that have the potential to damage homes.  Carpenter ants are notorious for excavating in wood and causing structural damage while mice tend to create fire hazards with their gnawing on electrical wires.  Finding a local pest control company in McLean who offers home pest control services that include interior and exterior inspections and treatment if necessary as well as routine service to prevent new infestations is the ideal way McLean homeowners can protect their homes, families and pets from pests.  Common pests include ants, cockroaches, fleas, mice and spiders.  

    McLean Seasonal Pest Concerns

    With each changing season McLean faces new pests concerns, each with varying degrees of potential danger. With the flowers of spring come the potential for stinging insects as they build their nests. These insects can pose a serious threat to McLean natives, particularly if an allergic reaction is triggered with a sting. The Virginia summers are a wonderful time of the year; sadly the mosquitoes can disrupt the fun, and pose a threat because they are known carriers of West Nile Virus. As the leaves change color and fall to the ground, there come threats from an assortment of pests seeking shelter from the colder elements of the fall and winter. These pests pose both structural threats to you home as well as health threats to your family because of their ability to contaminate your food supply.

    McLean Commercial Pest Control

    Different seasons bring different pests.  With the spring come ants, ladybugs and bees. Ants are foragers and will search for food inside and outside of your home, while bees are often found starting a new colonies under eaves, decks and in bushes surrounding McLean homes. Ladybugs are not always considered warrant for extermination, they can be very beneficial to a garden but in some cases an infestation can leave a mess. They are usually found on the south side walls of your dwelling. With the heat of the summer come mosquitoes and spiders. Mosquitoes breed in standing water and will infest property that has areas collecting rainwater or clogged gutters.  Bird baths, kiddie pools, urn and ornamental ponds are all prime breeding site for these pesky nuisances.  Mosquitoes are annoying to have around and their bite can be dangerous. Mosquitoes are known transmitters of many serious illnesses including West Nile Virus.  Spiders start showing up at your house when other insect levels are high and generally just a nuisance pest that leaves unsightly webs in and around a dwelling.  Mice, rats and rodents are common pest issues in the fall and will enter your home in search of warm shelter for the winter months. They usually don’t go unnoticed for long, leaving behind droppings.  They will cause serious structural damage if not taken care of. Rodents continue to be a problem throughout the winter season.  Cockroaches may also be a wintertime pest if the conditions that promote roach activity are present.  Homes and businesses with an accessible food source are ideal places for cockroaches. They can contaminate food and cause asthma attacks in children if left unchecked.

    Termite Control For McLean Virginia

    Termites feed upon and burrow through the wood, compromising the structural integrity of your home or business. Each year termites are responsible for over five billion dollars of damage in the United States alone. Virginia provides an environment in which termites and thrive year-round. Waiting until there are warnings signs may be waiting too long as termites can cause large amounts of damage relatively quickly. Local pest control companies, with the assistance of state of the art tools and equipment can determine potential termite infestations before the damage is beyond the point of repair. Contact a local pest control technician today for a comprehensive consultation today.

    McLean Bed Bug Removal Services For Homes And Businesses

    Unfortunately after being dormant for many years, bed bugs have become an issue throughout the United States. These pests were once thought of as being problematic for the accommodations industry alone, now we are seeing bed bug infestations in places such as schools, apartments, retail stores and many other businesses, not to mention the homes we live in. Bed bugs travel on people and the luggage they carry; because of this bed bugs can spread quickly and with little warning. Because these pests are a nocturnal creature, they can sometimes go long periods of time without detection, these insects do feed upon humans as they seek human and animal blood. Warning signs of a bed bug infestation include blood spots on your linens, a sweet scent in the air or welted red makes on your skin. If you suspect a bed bug infestation it is recommended that you contact a pest control professional because bed bug removal is a complicated process.


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