How To Prevent And Control Fleas In Your Home

Have you noticed your pets scratching excessively or found a live flea (or several) on their bodies? If yes, you are among the many pet owners dealing with flea infestations but did you know fleas can be more than an annoyance for your pets, they can also cause medical problems for Fido or Fluffy? It’s true, there are many problems associated with these biting pests including anemia, flea…
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Why DIY Flea Control Products Just Don't Cut It

So you’ve noticed Fido or Fluffy scratching excessively and realized that fleas are the culprit- what do you do next? Do you run to store for a flea bomb, sprays and various other products that are touted to be the best in flea control? While that is the inclination of many homeowners who realize their pets and home are infested with these biting insects, perhaps there is a better solution. DIY…
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Are Fleas A Problem For You And Your Pets?

If you have pets, you probably have seen fleas at one time or another.  These parasitic insects need a host on which to feed and animals like cats and dogs are extremely susceptible to these pests. Fleas can be found outdoors, often on wild animals and can be spread to your pets and to your yard either from other animals entering your yard or from spending time around someone else’s pets that…
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