Are You Seeing Earwigs In Ohio?

Have you been down in the basement searching for a misplaced item and come across these long bugs with intimidating pincers or found these pests when bringing in your newspaper? Earwigs in Ohio, also known as pincer bugs, are a bit intimidating but really you don’t need to be too worried as they are relatively harmless. Thought earwigs can bite or pinch if they feel threatened, they are not…
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Are You Seeing Earwigs?

Have you ever brought the mail indoors and found earwigs on it? Or maybe you bought something at a yard sale recently and found an earwig or two hiding inside your purchase. If you’ve found these bugs, you don’t need to be especially concerned; they definitely look a lot scarier than they are. Earwigs, also called ‘pincer bugs’ are easily identified by their long and smooth little bodies,…
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