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How spiders in Arkansas spend the winter

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Polar vortex and arctic blast seem to be buzzwords these days as much of the country is experiencing unusually cold temperatures and states that normally don’t see snow have practically come to a standstill because of snowflakes on the ground.  Though the harsh temperatures have not been as bad in Little Rock and Arkansas as it has in the Midwest, it’s winter people and like those of us who prefer warmer weather, spiders also are likely to be attracted to warmth and are heading indoors.  Unfortunately, spiders like the American house spider may already be comfortable in your home!

Even though its winter, spiders that have moved inside aren’t necessarily sitting still.  In fact they are likely very active and moving around the dwelling or structure, establishing webs and looking for food.  And because arachnids are not the only pests seeking shelter during the winter, there could be plenty of insects lurking about to keep spiders well fed.   A large buffet coupled with warm, secure shelter means spiders are in no rush to leave your home.  Just think of all the spaces they may be infesting like the attic or basement, perhaps your closet or under furniture, the list goes on. 

Common house spiders in Arkansas are not really dangerous even though they could bite if threatened which could lead to a reaction.  Though not a serious threat to health or home, they are a nuisance pest and prove irritating for many Arkansas homeowners.  Reclusive by nature, getting rid of spiders is best accomplished by calling in your pest control company.  Plus, if spiders are able to find a way in your home, other insects can too so you may have a larger problem than you realize. 

The best way to handle pest infestations in your Arkansas home is with the help of a professional. Experts know exactly where to look for these eight-legged pests, can identify potential entry points and put into place a customized pest control plan for your home that will eliminate pests.  With year round pest protection, you and your family can relax knowing you are the only ones burrowing down when chilly weather hits Arkansas.

For more information about spiders in Arkansas, contact the Little Rock pest control professionals at McCauley Services. 

McCauley Services is a locally owned , family operated pest control company that has been resolving pest problems for both home and business owners in Arkansas since 1981.