Overwintering Bugs Found In Homes

Homeowners often think that they are safe from bugs and other pests during the winter months, that they have died off due to the cold weather, but this is actually not true. The fact is that there are many species of pests that overwinter in warm homes and buildings. And while they may not be quite as active as during the warmer months, they are still out and about and sometimes searching for food…
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Outdoor Fall Cleanup To Prevent Fall Invaders

Fall is in full swing which means pumpkins on the porch, leaves on the grass and perhaps a small chill in the air. The fall season is also a great time to clean up outside your yard and around your home. Cleaning up your yard and home not only will prepare it for the cooler fall and winter weather but also protect your home from potential pest infestations as the cooler weather sets in. Pests…
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Summer Pests For Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities face many different problems every day, the least of which should be pests. With customers, audits, inspections, problems with employees and just the day to day difficulties of running a business, the least of all these problems should be pests. But unfortunately for most commercial facilities, pests are a huge nuisance, damaging product and destroying reputations. In the…
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