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3 Signs of Mice In Your Home

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Mice are a very common pest to have in homes and mice can be especially abundant in homes during the fall and winter months. During the colder weather season mice will work to move indoors in order to get out of the harsh elements and find a warm and safe place to nest in, have babies, and be close to easy food and water sources. The problem with mice invading your home is that they are not good houseguests. Mice will chew through and destroy personal property while building their nests, they can damage your home’s structure and contaminate your food. And unfortunately they are not house trained so they will leave trails of urine and feces throughout your home which can spread different bacteria and viruses that can make you and your family sick.

Luckily for homeowner’s, mice leave a lot of signs that they are present in your home. At the first sign of a mouse infestation in your home you should get immediate help from a home pest control company. Three signs that mice are living in your home include:

  1. Noises- While the phrase may be “quiet as a mouse” that is not really true. When you have mice living in your home they can actually be quite noisy, especially during the night when they are most active. If mice are in your home you may hear scratching and other noises behind your walls and in your ceiling as they are moving through your home.

  2. Droppings- Like Hansel and Gretel, mice leave a trail behind them, but unfortunately it is not breadcrumbs. Wherever mice travel in your home they will leave behind their droppings. If mice are present in your home, droppings can generally be found in kitchen areas behind appliances, in cabinets and in drawers. It is important to note that mouse droppings are dangerous because of the bacteria and pathogens they carry.

  3. Damage- Mice have the need to continuously gnaw on objects in order to keep their front incisors (aka front teeth) from overgrowing. So if you see gnaw marks or holes on items like books, furniture, carpets, drywall, and other items you most likely have mice in your home.

Getting help from a professional pest control expert for a mouse problem will ensure that the entire mouse infestation is eliminated safely from your home, protecting your house and family from damages and diseases. Putting into place a year-round residential pest control plan will help to prevent future mouse and other pest infestations no matter what the season is.

For residents in Pennsylvania including Souderton, Telford, Lansdale, Hatfield and surrounding areas, please contact Moyer Indoor | Outdoor today for help in getting rid of mice and other troublesome household pests.