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6 Facts About Feral Pigs in Hawaii

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As a resident of Hawaii you get to enjoy a lot of Hawaii’s benefits like beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, stunning mountains and lots of outdoor activities to keep you and your family busy. However, there are downsides to everything including some of the wildlife species living in Hawaii that can cause a lot of destruction and make your perfect retreat, well, not so perfect. One such wildlife species that is causing a lot of headaches and damages for residents in Honolulu is the feral pig. Feral pigs can grow to be very large, they are aggressive and live in groups that can terrorize both the people and land of Hawaii.

While most residents are aware that there are feral pigs in Hawaii and that they are a big problem, you may want more information and facts about this damaging wildlife species. Listed below are 6 facts about feral pigs living in Hawaii.

Feral pigs actually attract and increase mosquito populations. When feral pigs root and destroy the natural land and forest area they actually create areas where water can pool which then attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can transmit a lot of diseases to humans, but also spread diseases that kill native, endangered bird species.

Feral pigs have no natural enemies in Hawaii meaning they can thrive.

Feral pigs damage the delicate ecosystem of Hawaii. Feral pigs will uproot plants, pack soil down and just in general damage and destroy plant life. The packed soil that they leave behind makes it difficult for new plants to be able to grow and replenish the damaged areas.

Feral pigs can cost homeowners a lot of money in damaged landscaping. Let’s face it, landscaping your property can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor, and if feral pigs are not controlled they can come onto your property and destroy all your hard work.

Feral pigs can be extremely aggressive and dangerous and should never be approached or trapped without the help of a professional.

Corral trapping is one of the most effective and safest ways to trap and control feral pigs on your property. A temporary fence is set up on your property with feeding stations. After a few days when the pigs have become acclimated to the feeding stations and it has been determined that the entire group is in the fenced area, the gate will be closed trapping the animals. Professionals will then remove the animals from your property.

For more information about feral pig trapping or any other type of wildlife removal from your property, contact the local Honolulu pest control pros at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions . An expert will be able to give you more information and about feral pig damages and how you can protect your family, home and land from these pests.