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Colorado Honey Bees Still Around This Fall

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A very common type of pest insect in the Fort Collins and Loveland area is the common honey bee. Although not as aggressive as hornets, wasps, or most other stinging insects, honey bees can deliver a painful sting. The quickest and easiest way to differentiate honey bees from other stinging insects is that honey bees are fuzzy on their bodies, as opposed to other stinging insects. They will normally make their hives in open areas that have protection, like under an eave or in a soffit of a home. You will see a large group of bees continually buzzing around the entrance to the hive which is the easiest way to identify bees.

Although honey bees do have a stinger, they are not aggressive, and generally won't sting you. The times when they do become agitated is when their hive is disturbed, and they feel threatened. Although a honey bee can only sting once (the stinger breaks off) it is extremely painful. Even more importantly, many people are allergic to bee stings. This is where a sting becomes potentially life threatening. If someone is allergic, it is important to seek medical attention right away after a sting from a honey bee or any other stinging insect.

Because of the size and location of the hives, and the danger of the bees themselves, honey bees are not a pest you should try and get rid of by yourself. Our Colorado pest control team here at EnviroPest offers a safe, effective honey bee removal service. This service includes cutting into the structure that harbors the hive and removing it. Then we clean up any excess honey and apply a residual dust. We will then fill the vacant area with insulation, and reseal it to prevent future stinging insect problems. Also, in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we use the least amount of material necessary, and when possible use only natural products. To quickly and safely treat your honey bee problem in Northern Colorado, contact EnviroPest today!