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Commercial Facility Pest Proofing Tips: Part 1

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Making sure that your facility is kept pest free is much more than applying pesticides and placing mouse traps in corners. As a facility owner or manager, the safest and most effective way to pest proof your facility is through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. IPM combines education, exclusion techniques, sanitation, inspection and trapping all under the watchful eye of an IPM specialist to keep your facility pest free. Implementing an IPM program is an environmentally friendly way to eliminate current pest problems while at the same time creating an unsuitable environment within your facility for pests to survive and thrive.

Chemicals do not have to be the first reaction when needing to eliminate pest problems. This is especially true for facilities handling organic products. Along with implementing an IPM program within your facility as a non-chemical effective way to control pests, there are things you can do to help pest proof your facility. Here are a few pest proofing tips to help ensure a pest free environment:

  1. Employing a daily cleaning schedule within your facility can help to clean and sanitize each part of your facility from the offices to the bathrooms and everything in between.

  2. Make sure to inspect all incoming deliveries and materials; making sure that incoming inventory is pest free is one of the best defenses against pest invasions.

  3. Guidelines should be in place to keep raw materials totally separate from other materials within your facility.

  4. Another way to deter pests from your facility is to keep the outside of your facility a non-pest friendly environment. Do not leave litter, garbage, clutter and storage within 50ft of your facility. Also, make sure to remove or trim back foliage around the perimeter of your facility.

  5. Instead of using organic material such as mulch around the perimeter of your facility, use small rocks or gravel and ensure that proper drainage and reducing excess moisture which may attract pests.

For help with pest proofing and pest management within your facility, contact the professionals at Copesan today. Our experts will not just treat your problem, they will build a relationship with you and will work as a team to ensure that all your pest control needs are being met. No matter what type of facility you own or operate, we have the knowledge and technology at Copesan to ensure that it becomes and stays free of the threat of pests.