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Don’t Share Your Thanksgiving With Pests

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Thanksgiving is a holiday where family and friends gather together to celebrate; however it is also a time of year when lots of pests and critters also try to join the holiday table. This time of year you probably have a thousand things on your to do list and being vigilant against pests may drop unnoticed to the bottom your list. But our Pittsburgh pest control professionals want to remind you all that it is very important to protect your home, your family, and guests from unwanted visitors during the Thanksgiving holiday. Common pests that can become a problem this time of year include: American cockroaches, German cockroaches, house mice, Norway rats, pantry pests, flies and bed bugs.

With lots of food and extra waste (leftovers, crumbs, trash) in your home, pests may be tempted to move in if proper precautions are not made. While it may a busy time of year, there are some quick and easy things that you can fix around your home to keep pests out and their damages and diseases at bay. Some Thanksgiving pest prevention tips include:

  • When having visitors that are staying overnight at your house, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry sheets, towels and other linens both beforehand and after they are gone.

  • Make sure that dry ingredients in your kitchen are stored in sealed glass or plastic containers, not their original packaging.

  • Do not keep fruits and vegetables out on your counters for long periods of time; instead store them in the refrigerator.

  • Make sure to vacuum and dust regularly and immediately sweep and clean up crumbs and spills in the kitchen.

  • Regularly remove garbage from your home and keep it in outside trash cans with tight fitting lids that are kept away from the exterior of your home.

  • Do not leave dirty dishes in your kitchen for long periods of time or overnight.

Following these simple tips will help you to prevent a house mouse in your kitchen or a family of Indian meal moths in your flour, along with other varieties of pest problems. Another way to prevent pest problems around Thanksgiving is to have already in place through a professional pest control company a year-round pest control plan. This will ensure that no matter how busy you may be or what time of year it is, your home will be protect against a variety of common household pests and you can just enjoy your holidays with your family and friends.

For those in the Greater Pittsburgh area looking to avoid a pest infestation this holiday season, contact Witt Pest Management today!