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House Spiders In PA Likely To Move Indoors Once Cool Weather Arrives

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As cooler weather sets in, we tend to seek out indoor activities whether it’s cozying up next to the fire or having a game night around the table with friends and family. Here’s the thing though, we aren’t the only ones seeking an escape from the cold. House spiders are too!

When the weather cools off in the fall many insects will also head inside in search of a warm place to pass the winter and because spiders feed on these bugs it only makes sense they follow suit. While house spiders are abundant in Pittsburgh, rarely are poisonous spiders (like the brown recluse and black widow) encountered in Pennsylvania. And while that is great news, still house spiders can be quite annoying. From leaving unsightly webs in corners of the room and other places throughout the home to just lurking around especially in dark and secluded areas, spiders are plainly put – a pest! So what can you do this fall to prevent a spider problem? Keep reading for a few spider prevention tips.

  1. Eliminate their food source. As mentioned above, spiders feed on other insects so if your home is full of bugs you can bet spiders will be attracted to it. Sealing cracks and other openings on the exterior of the home will bar insects from making their way indoors. Also fixing torn or ripped screens over doors and windows will keep pests out. You should also keep lights near doors off when not needed, as spiders will gravitate to those areas to catch insects also attracted to the light. Also correcting moisture issues in the home will deter insects.

  2. Clear away the clutter. Spiders tend to seek out dark, secluded places. Evaluate your storage areas (i.e. closets, attic, basement, garage etc.) and the items are piling up. Take an afternoon or day to toss unused items and organize what’s left behind.

  3. Keep a well-manicured landscape. If you allow trees, bushes and shrubs to touch the outside of your home, you are inadvertently providing spiders and insects a bridge to the house. Keeping vegetation trimmed back will make your fortress less penetrable.

  4. Talk to a local pest control company about a home pest control program that provides year round service. This will not only address fall pests but keep your home pest free no matter the season.

Of course, if it’s too late and you’ve noticed brown spiders or any spider for that matter inside your home, think there’s an invasion of basement spiders or simply want to ensure that your home is protected against spiders, insects and rodents, the Pittsburgh exterminators at Witt Pest Management can help. In business since 1908, offers Pittsburgh pest control for homes and businesses and is ready to help you get rid of spiders or any other pest for that matter!