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How To Protect Your Home From Spiders In Arkansas

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Spiders in Arkansas can be a problem all year round but in the fall they have a tendency to move indoors and can become a major problem for homeowners living in Little Rock and throughout the state. Though they generally spend most of their outdoors, once the weather starts to cool off spiders will follow their food source inside. You see, they feed on insects and many of those bugs try to take shelter inside homes and buildings so they don’t have to suffer outside. These annoying arachnids will construct webs in junctures where walls and ceilings meet or wherever else they deem suitable and if their prey doesn’t show up, will abandon that spot only to rebuild an unsightly spider web in another area.

Though house spiders are annoying, they are relatively harmless (if you don’t count them as an eyesore). Unfortunately there are dangerous spiders in Arkansas including the brown recluse spider and black widow spider. If you are not careful you could encounter any one of these spiders in your home and while the house spider does not pose a threat to your health, the same cannot be said for the latter two, which are poisonous spiders and have the potential to bite.

To keep spiders out this fall and all year round, homeowners can correct conditions in and around the home that attract spiders and other pests. Spider prevention tips include:

  • Sealing cracks and crevice in your home’s foundation as well as sealing the areas around where utilities enter your home.

  • Trimming bushes and trees away from the exterior of your home.

  • Caulking gaps around windows and exterior doors.

  • Replacing or repairing screens that have holes or tears in them.

  • Keeping clutter to a minimum in areas like closets, attics, and basements to give them less area to hide in.

  • Reducing moisture issues in your home that attract insects that spiders feed on.

  • Keeping outside lights off when not needed. Light often attracts flying insects which in turn will draw spiders.

If you’ve already noticed spiders or other pests inside your home, consider the benefits of a year round home pest control program. Exterminators can help you identify and treat infestations as well as implement a plan of action that offers protection against creepy crawlies all year long, no matter what the season. Also because of the severe dangers associated with brown recluse spiders many pest 

control companies have a specific program dedicated to the elimination of those dangerous pests from your property.

Don’t let your home be taken over by annoying and potentially dangerous spiders this fall or any time of the year for that matter. Set aside a weekend day to pest-proof and also consider calling a local pest control provider for reinforcements!

For Little Rock pest control services that get rid of spiders and other insects that infest homes in Arkansas, McCauley Services is a great choice. In business since 1983, the Arkansas pest control pros at McCauley have a keen understanding of the pest pressures homeowners in Arkansas face and have the industry experience and tools to eliminate pest problems, no matter how severe.