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Is Your Facility Prepared To Deal With Stored Product Pests?

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Stored product pests are a category of food infesting pests that a lot of businesses need to be on the look out for and protect their business against. Having problems with stored product pests in your Seattle business will cause you a loss of inventory, a loss of profits, and a loss of your reputation within the community. Once stored product pests get into your facility they can be very difficult to completely eliminate without help from professionals. Stored product pests come in a variety of sizes and species and include: the confused flour beetle, the sawtooth grain beetle, and Indian meal moth.

A variety of businesses are affected by pantry pest invasions including mills, grocery stores, food processing plants, candy making facilities, restaurants, and bulk storage facilities. When pantry pests get into your facility they are often found in the slow moving shelf products or the one’s whose inventory does not move often. While pantry pests are not considered to be dangerous, their presence in your products causes them to be contaminated and any infested products will need to immediately be eliminated from your facility. Products that pantry pests invade often include flour, milled grain products, bird seed, chocolate, nuts, pet food, dried fruit, and cereal.

The best way to protect your business from problems with stored pantry pests is to store your products properly and rotate your inventory on a regular basis. Also, any products that are entering into your facility need to be carefully inspected for signs of stored pantry pests. Any products with bags or boxes that are torn, ripped or opened should not be used. Along with vigilance, the best way to prevent stored product pest infestations is to get help from a commercial pest control company. A commercial pest control program that is completed by a Seattle pest control expert will safely, efficiently, discretely and effectively take care of any current problems with pantry pests and work with your to prevent future problems with them and other pests.

As a Seattle business owner, if you have discovered pantry pests in your facility or would just like extra protection against a potential infestation, you should get into contact with the local Seattle pest control pros at Sprague Pest Solutions to set up a facility inspection and get details about their commercial pest control services!