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Massachusetts Pest Control Tips For The Winter

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Winter is just around the corner and the cold weather is already starting to hit New England. As homeowners we are looking to make sure that our homes are ready for winter and that everyone inside will be warm and cozy this season. Unfortunately, for us humans we aren’t the only ones getting ready for winter; pests in New England are also starting to feel the chill in the air and are trying to find warm safe shelter for the winter. If you don’t properly protect your home you could find yourself becoming roommates with spiders, wildlife, rodents, pantry pests and other common invaders this winter.

Having pests in your New England home is not just a mere inconvenience to deal with; these pests can actually be quite dangerous when present in your home. Rodents and wildlife species can get into your attic spaces, behind your walls, tear through insulation and drywall, chew through wires and pipes, and destroy personal property like furniture, carpeting, books, pictures and other stored items. Their damages can lead to fires, water damage and mold issues. They may also spread their urine and feces throughout your home and can expose you and your family to diseases like Salmonella, dysentery and many others. Spiders in New England can be poisonous and because of this it is very important to realize what species is actually in your home. Also, spiders are very elusive and difficult to eliminate once they have entered your home. Pantry pests are another type of pest that can become quite problematic during this time of year. Many people are getting into their pantries and doing a lot of baking and cooking. If methods are not applied to keep these kitchen bugs out then pantry pests have the ability to easily infest, breed in and contaminate your dry goods thus ruining your next attempt at the perfect pumpkin pie!

If you are currently having problems with pests or would like to protect yourself from problems with them this winter you should contact your local New England pest control expert. Whether you are looking for mice control, spider control, rodent control or want to put into place a year-round pest control plan to protect yourself and home from pests a professional pest control company can help safeguard your property. Professional exterminators will be able to safely and completely eliminate your present pest control problem, help you to identify the areas of your home that are allowing pests inside, and put into place a plan to protect future problems. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today to get more information about protecting your home this winter from pests and their damages.