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Outdoor Fall Cleanup To Prevent Fall Invaders

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Fall is in full swing which means pumpkins on the porch, leaves on the grass and perhaps a small chill in the air. The fall season is also a great time to clean up outside your yard and around your home. Cleaning up your yard and home not only will prepare it for the cooler fall and winter weather but also protect your home from potential pest infestations as the cooler weather sets in. Pests often look for easy opportunities to enter homes in the fall to find and warm, safe shelter to overwinter. Simply cleaning up and making your home and yard less appealing to pests will help to lessen your chances of a pest invasion this fall.

Common bugs found in homes in the Tennessee area during the fall and winter months include house spiders, clover mites, ants, flies, along with many others. In addition to a general fall clean up, it is important you are armed with a home pest control plan provided by the trusted Nashville exterminators to help to protect your and your family from damages caused by pests. Listed below are some general fall clean up tips that you can easily complete around your Nashville home; they include:

  • Leaves- Make sure to rake up the leaves that have fallen into your yard and discard the piles of leaves from your yard. Insects and other pests can easily hide and seek shelter in piles of leaves and then make their way into your home.

  • Gutters- Your gutters should be cleaned and you should make sure that the downspouts are pointed away from your home so that moisture does not collect in and around your house. Pests are often drawn to areas of moisture.

  • Windows/Doors- Exterior windows and doors should be inspected and any gaps around them should be caulked. This will not only help to keep the cold air out this winter but also will prevent insects and rodents from making their way into your home.

  • Woodpiles- Firewood should be stacked away from your home; pests love to hide inside of woodpiles and if they are kept too close to the exterior of your home they will eventually find their way indoors.

  • Fall Decoration- In the fall many people have hay bales piled as decoration but these bales of hay are another place that pests love to hide. Hay should be regularly inspected, not be placed right up against the side of your home and be discarded as soon as you are done with them.

Despite taking precautions this fall, if you find yourself with bugs in your Tennessee home, the best way to eliminate the pests safely is to contact a Nashville pest control expert. The Nashville pest control professionals at All-American Pest Control will be able to take care of your current pest problem and then provide you with year round control to prevent future problems no matter what the season!