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Summer Pests For Commercial Facilities

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Commercial facilities face many different problems every day, the least of which should be pests. With customers, audits, inspections, problems with employees and just the day to day difficulties of running a business, the least of all these problems should be pests. But unfortunately for most commercial facilities, pests are a huge nuisance, damaging product and destroying reputations. In the summer time, these pest problems become even worse as the warm weather draws out pests that were previously hibernating or not active over the winter. To help you combat these pest problems, it’s helpful to be aware of the pests that may be problematic to you this summer. Here are just a few of the pests you can expect to see around (or even in!) your commercial facility this summer: 

Ants: Ants typically build their nests outdoors, but may find their way indoors if the conditions are right in your facility. If there are areas of moisture and if food is present, ants will be marching their way indoors, leaving pheromone trails for other ants in the colony, letting them know what a great place your facility is. The ants you may see in your commercial facility include odorous house ants, pavement ants and carpenter ants. The first two types of ants are considered nuisance pests and carpenter ants can be destructive; building their nests inside the wooden timbers of your structure. 

Yellow Jackets: These stinging insects are a type of wasp that is known for being aggressive if they feel threatened and for having the ability to sting repeatedly. They tend to build nests in the ground, in the eaves or soffits of a building and even sometimes inside wall voids. They can be a real problem when they build their nests in areas where people frequent and if you have a yellow jacket’s nest on your property, you will want to leave nest removal tactics to the professionals. It can be dangerous to attempt to remove a stinging insect nest on your own without professional knowledge of these insects and innocent bystanders could be stung, which would be a problem (or even a lawsuit!) if anyone nearby has a sting allergy. 

Flies: The flies you may see in your facility include fruit flies, house flies and cluster flies. The presence of all these types of flies can be related to problems with sanitation or drain line issues.  If you have any flies inside your facility, that means there is a condition inside your property that needs immediate attention.  No facility should be breeding flies, so control methods should include proper sanitation, drain line bioremediation, proper disposal of decaying materials and inspections of the exterior to make sure flies are not getting inside. 

Rodents: Although thought to be a problem mostly in the winter when looking for protection from the cold, rodents can be a summer problem as well. The rodents that may infest your facility include the house mouse, the Norway rat and the roof rat.  These animals are known for contaminating food or product with their urine and feces and for spreading dangerous diseases. Rodent control is absolutely necessary for any business looking to protect its reputation. 

As you deal with these summer pests, keep in mind that having a professional pest control company on speed dial is the easiest and most effective way to keep your business running smoothly. In fact, a regular pest control service agreement can offer year round protection from all the pests that may end up plaguing your business.  A good pest control company will offer pest prevention services to eliminate any conditions in your facility that are attracting these pests while utilizing control methods and techniques that are eco-friendly and safe for your product, your employees and your customers. 

To deal with summer pests effectively, contact a professional pest control company that specializes in Integrated Pest Management. This is a multi-faceted approach to pest control that looks to treat the pest problems you have from every angle; not only treating any problems that are present, but making changes to the environment that may be attracting these problems in the first place. Don’t let summer pests like ants or flies ruin your reputation or destroy your product; contact a pest control company for commercial pest control services today to put your mind at ease and keep your reputation squeaky clean. 

Sprague Pest Solutions offers commercial pest control in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City as well as throughout the PN and Intermountain regions. Sprague also offers commercial pest control solutions to the Denver CO area. Contact Sprague today for more information about the commercial services they provide and how they can help keep your business pest free and protect your brand, your reputation and your bottom line.