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Termites Still Seeking Maryland Homes

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During the fall, many homeowners concentrate on trying to keep falls pests like spiders, rodents and others from entering their homes. But homeowners need to remember that other species like termites are active no matter what time of year it is and create damage to homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a days a week. Because termites are active throughout the year, you always need to be vigilant and take the precautions necessary to protect your home from these extremely damaging pests.

Determining if termites are on your property and in your home can be a difficult task, but there are some signs that termites are present in your home. However, since many of these signs don’t occur until damage has already been done, the best preventative measure that you can take is getting a home pest control plan with termite control services from a Washington D.C. pest control company. A professional will be able to provide you with proper termite identification and get rid of the entire colony. Some signs of termites and termite damage include:

  • Mud tunnels just underneath the surface of the ground running towards your home; termites use these mud tunnels to travel to food sources, aka wood.

  • Wood structures in your home will begin to appear blistered, splintered, or weakened.

  • There may be traces of mud on the exterior of wooden structures where termites are most active.

  • You may see that doorways and floors in your home start to look warped.

  • If there is a mature termite colony on your property, you will see piles of wings underneath windows and doors after the reproductive termites with wings swarm.

Getting help from a pest control professional with a termite or other pest infestation in your D.C. home is the best way to know that you are safely and completely eliminating the problem. Termites especially are not a pest that you should try to get rid of on your own as DIY methods will be unsuccessful and only result in more time for termites to consume wood in your home, leaving costly structural damages. Professionals will be able to inspect your home and determine whether or not you do have a termite infestation or if it is just flying ants that are you seeing. Pest control experts will then be able to get rid of your current termite problem with proven treatment control methods and then provide you with long term control to prevent future problems.

Contact your local pest control professionals at American Pest today to have your home inspected for termite activity and then get rid of the threat of termites once and for all!