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Bed Bugs In Tampa: Finding And Eliminating Them

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Bed bugs have been and still are a huge problem for travelers and homeowners all across the country. Bed bugs are found in areas that have large amounts of constantly changing human traffic. Hotels, hospitals, airports, movie theaters, libraries and shopping centers are all areas where bed bugs can be picked up and brought back into your home. Bed bugs in Tampa are such a large problem mostly because of the sheer numbers of visitors that move in and out of the city on a daily basis. If you live in Florida, plan on visiting Florida or are traveling in general you should be aware that bed bugs are still a major concern and appropriate precautions should be taken to protect yourself and your home from these pests.

Since bed bugs do not discriminate against where they invade or who they make their next host, everyone needs to be aware of what the signs of bed bugs are in homes. If bed bugs do end up hitchhiking their way into your house you it is not recommended that you attempt to eliminate these pests on your own; most DIY methods are often unsuccessful and can pose serious risks to your health. If signs of a bed bug infestation are present in your home the best plan of action is to immediately contact a pest control professional! Early detection and elimination of these troublesome pests can save you a great deal of time, money and stress. Bed bugs will not just stay in one area of your home they will travel through the cracks and crevices in your walls and flooring and can very quickly invade every room in your home. Signs that bed bugs are in your home include:

  • Small rust colored spots on your bedding and linens. (These spots are dried blood from where the bed bugs were feeding)

  • Tiny brown droppings on your linens or under your mattress and box spring.

  • Finding tiny white eggs or egg casings, however, both are very small and difficult to see with the naked eye.

  • Shed exoskeletons found in piles around your mattress or other areas where the bed bugs are hiding. (They are shed from the growing nymphs)

  • Seeing live adults crawling under your mattress or in cracks or crevices throughout your home.

  • Waking up with mosquito like cluster of bites. This sign is slightly less reliable since bed bugs bites tend to look very similar to other types of insect bites.

If you find yourself in need of tampa bed bug treatments to get rid of bed bugs in your Tampa home the professionals at McCall Service can help! McCall Service offers several different options of treatment that can be chosen depending on your preferences and the unique needs of your home. All of McCall's services ensure that bed bugs found in your home will be eliminated and that a re-infestation will not occur. McCall's services include:

  • Heat Plus- This includes a basic heat treatment, along with a chemical treatment, plus a follow-up chemical treatment. This service also provides the mattresses and box springs in your home with bed bug proof encasements.

  • Basic Heat- The baseboards, wall voids, and areas under your carpet that is adjacent to the walls is treated with residual insecticides and/or steam and then a heat treatment is provided.

  • Chemical- This service provides an initial treatment and two follow-up treatments that are evenly spaced and completed no earlier than 7 days and no later than 30 days after initial treatment. This service includes an application of residual insecticides and/or steam. We will also use Hepa-Vacuums on items like couches, chairs, mattresses and box springs.

For pest control in tampa that you can trust, Contact McCall Service today and get more information about bed bugs in Florida, our bed bug services, or to schedule your bed bug inspection today!