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Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free Through the Holiday Season With Visitors

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The holiday season is the time of year to celebrate, spend time with your loved ones and relax. However, when unforeseen circumstances arise so can your stress level! Pest issues are definitely a problem that can quickly diminish your holiday spirit! Don’t panic though! There are some steps you can take to better protect your home from unwanted insects and rodents that will help keep the laughter and joy alive in your home this holiday season.

First, do a thorough inspection of your entire house; looking for entry points where pests may gain entry into your home. You can very easily seal any holes, gaps, and cracks you find with caulking and it is best to install heavy duty weather stripping on all exterior doors for added protection. To deter the possibility of bed bug infestation, wash all bedding in your home and if someone has been recently traveling, wash all their clothing to ensure bed bugs will not be a problem in your home.

Your kitchen is going to be one of the best areas to protect since most pests that enter your home detour straight to food and water sources. Clean out your cupboards, throwing away old and expired foods and opened boxes or bags of flour, baking powder, cornmeal and other items that troublesome pantry pests, flies, mice, sugar ants, cockroaches and other kitchen bugs may have gotten into and contaminated. If you are storing items in your cupboard, make sure they are in properly sealed boxes and be sure to keep all baked goods and other baking products in glass or plastic containers with tightly sealing lids. Kitchens should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis and remember to clean beneath appliances where crumbs and food spills may be hidden and are now a major pest attraction site!

Each day remember to make sure all dishes are washed and put away. Trash should be taken out often and put in secure outdoor trash cans that are placed a good distance from your home. Besides kitchens, closets, attics, basements and other storage areas should be checked and de-cluttered to avoid mice from building nests and insects like stink bugs and spiders from hiding away in your belongings.

When implementing these pest prevention tips you will make your home more secure from bothersome insects and rodents this holiday season. If while you are protecting your home you notice that you are already suffering from a pest infestation or you would prefer a professional came and supplied home pest control services, either way, EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions can help! Our highly trained exterminators offers quality, affordable, and eco-friendly Colorado pest control services and will effectively eliminate any pest problem you may be experiencing and safeguard your home from any pests that may want to gain entry. For more information on pest control in Denver and Boulder, contact EnviroPest by Sprague today!