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Finding Spiders In Michigan?

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Fall is here, leaves are falling, pumpkins are being carved, apple crisps are in the oven and unfortunately for Michigan homeowners many pests are trying to get into your home in order find a warm, safe place to overwinter. There are many pests that are abundant in the fall and spiders are one of them. Many spiders are considered to be nuisance pests but others can be poisonous and more threatening to have in your home. Because some species can pack a venomous bite, it is best to have any spider problems in your home eliminated with the help of a Michigan spider control expert.

Spiders in Michigan and around the country are entering homes this fall in order to seek shelter and find areas to build webs and catch their prey. Spiders are arthropods that all have eight legs; six or eight eyes, and have specially developed mouthparts that are modified into fangs and are capable of injecting venom. Spiders will hide in the dark secluded areas of your home in corners, closets, basements, attics, and underneath furniture. While all spiders are capable of biting, they rarely ever do unless they are startled or feel threatened. Spiders will build, abandon, and re-build webs throughout your home so if you multiply that by a few (or many) spiders and you will have quite a mess on your hands. They can also be very difficult to find and get rid of from your home which is why the help of professional pest and spider control program is best.

Most spider species are in fact harmless and their presence should not frighten you, a rare bite from them will generally only cause a mild reaction or irritation. However, it is the black widow spider with their distinctive red hourglass marking on their abdomen that should be more carefully watched out for. Venom from the black widow can cause a severe reaction that requires medical attention. Their toxic venom contains a neurotoxin that can cause severe cramping, fever, tremors, even labored breathing for some.

No matter what type of spiders are trying to invade your home this fall, the best way to prevent, eliminate and control them is with the help of a professional like the Michigan spider experts found at Rose Pest Solutions. They can provide you with excellent year round pest control services to not only protect you and your family from spider invasions but from other common household pests as well. Don’t let these unwanted houseguest into your home this fall, call for help today!