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Got Spiders In Colorado?

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Abundant all over the country, spiders are often found outdoors however they frequent homes and businesses while on the hunt for prey. While most spiders in Colorado are harmless and mainly just a nuisance with their penchant for building unsightly webs in the corners of rooms and other annoying places, there are however some species that are poisonous and if bitten their venom can cause severe health problems that require medical attention. In Colorado, the house spider is a common nuisance as are wolf spiders and rock spiders. Unfortunately the black widow spider ( a potentially dangerous spider) is also found in the Rocky Mountain state. Because of the potential to encounter a black widow spider and because spiders are hard to get rid of, you should contact a pest control provider for spider control.

There are a few reasons why you may find spiders in your home despite the fact they generally live and forage outdoors. One, they may be looking for food. If you have other insects crawling around in your home, spiders may see it as a great place to hunt and by hunt that means build those ugly webs. Another reason for the increasing spider activity in your home could be the weather. Spiders often make their way indoors as fall arrives to escape the cooler temperatures and the inclement winter weather that follows on its heels.

Preventing spiders requires a bit of environmental modification. Fixing areas that attract or allow spiders to enter is a great way to prevent spider infestations. A few spider prevention tips include:

  • Trimming bushes and trees away from your home branches cannot be used as a bridge to the home.

  • Sealing cracks and crevices that are present in the foundation or anywhere else on the exterior of the dwelling.

  • Caulking gaps around windows and doors.

  • Inspecting screens to make sure they do not have any tears or rips in them.

  • Keeping clutter to a minimum in basement, attic and closet areas to minimum to reduce the amount of places they can hide.

  • Controlling other types of insects in your home so there is no food source readily available to spiders.

  • Fixing leaky pipes and fixtures to eliminate a water source for foraging pests.

Another way to keep spiders and other insects out is by contacting a local pest control company. Home pest control programs are often a year round service that not only protect your home from spiders but other insects and rodents as well regardless of the season or the pest pressure.

By focusing on prevention and calling in the professionals you can rest easy knowing your home is free of unwanted pests and your family’s health protected. To learn more about spiders in Colorado or for more information about home pest control in Fort Collins, Loveland or elsewhere in Northern Colorado, EnviroPest stands ready to help. In business since 1965, EnviroPest is Colorado’s cure for creepy crawly things and can help you get rid of spiders!