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Spiders In New Jersey Include Both Nuisance And Dangerous Spiders

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New Jersey and other parts of the Northeast are starting to see cooler weather in the mornings and evenings, which is a good indicator that fall is just around the corner. Along with the turning leaves and apple picking fall also means that spiders in New Jersey are likely to start moving indoors (if they aren’t hunting for insects inside already) looking for a warm safe place to stay in over the winter. Once spiders enter your home they will construct ugly webs in corners of rooms, on window frames and other places spread throughout the home. They may also seek out undisturbed areas of the home that offer protection and that potentially have more insects; areas include basements and attics. For the most part spiders in New Jersey are harmless however there are a couple of exceptions. Continue reading to learn more about the nuisance and potentially dangerous spiders in NJ.

Most spiders found in the Garden State are not dangerous (though they can cause a quite a fright for those who fear arachnids) they are more of just a nuisance; species like house spiders and wolf spiders won’t harm you and your family but could simply irritate you by their very presence. Also, they aren’t easy to get rid of. Along with harmless, nuisance spiders there are poisonous spiders found in New Jersey that can enter homes and become a threat to you and your family. Dangerous spiders in New Jersey include brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders; both of these spiders have venom that if injected into you or a family member can cause serious health issues. If you are one of the unlucky ones who receives a spider bite and are unsure of the species you should contact your doctor. Also if you show any type of reaction, you should seek medical attention without delay.

The best way to prevent a spider invasion in your New Jersey home is to identify and fix areas that are allowing spiders and other pests in. And now, before the cooler weather sticks around, is the perfect time to go outside and inspect your home and make those fixes. Your home’s exterior should be inspected for any openings including cracks and gaps. If you find any, sealing those potential entry points can help keep pests out. Also look closely around doors and windows. If you see any gaps, the recommendation is to use caulk to fill those in and if you have tears or rips in screens, those should be fixed or replaced. The trees and bushes around your home should be trimmed back so their branches can’t be used as a bridge for spiders and other insects to reach your home. These pest-proofing tips don’t take a whole lot of time and can really help you avoid infestations of spiders and other fall pests this year.

Along with taking the steps to prevent pests from gaining access to your home another way to prevent or rid your home of an existing spider infestations is to get help from a professional pest control company. New Jersey pest control experts can help you get rid of spiders (as well as other insects and rodents) and typically offer a year round protection program that keeps pests out all year long.

For more information on spiders in New Jersey or to learn more about spider control, ChemTec Pest Control can help. In business since 1931, the NJ exterminators have extensive knowledge of spiders and other pests common to the area and can help you with spider removal.