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Preventing And Controlling Cockroaches In Your HI Home

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Cockroaches are definitely pests that you do not want to see dashing across your silverware draw or across you kitchen floor. Roaches will contaminate kitchen counters, utensils, and food with the bacteria from their feet and legs that they pick up from crawling over things like garbage, animal feces and through sewers. Also cockroach feces, shed skins and dead bodies are full off allergens that can trigger severe asthma attacks in people and especially children. While there are around 19 types of cockroaches in Hawaii, the three cockroaches that are common in Hawaiian homes are the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Surinam cockroach. No matter which type of roach is in your home the best bet for eradicating them safely and completely is with the help of a Honolulu exterminator.

If cockroaches are currently in your home you should immediately contact a Hawaii pest control company to schedule an inspection and treatment. However there are many things that you can begin doing immediately to help alleviate the cockroach infestation and protect you and your family before the experts arrives. Cockroaches only like to live in environments that provide them with food, water, and safe shelter, removing those elements from your home will prevent cockroaches from wanting to make it theirs. Cockroach prevention and control tips include:

  • Making sure that your kitchen area is free of crumbs and spills; remove any food that is being stored on your counters and instead store them in the refrigerator. Also do not leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight.

  • Regularly remove garbage from your kitchen.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum; they are reclusive and only like to live in areas where there is a lot of clutter to hide in.

  • Cockroaches can be drawn to areas of moisture so make sure to reduce areas of high moisture in your home and fix and leaky or drippy pipes.

  • Cockroaches love to eat pet food, make sure to store it in sealed containers and pick up any food that is not eaten within an hour or two.

  • In order to prevent more cockroaches from entering your home make sure to inspect packages and bags before bringing them into your home; also trim back trees and branches from the exterior of your home so they cannot use the branches as a bridge to your home.

If you think you have cockroaches in your home you should immediately get help from professional cockroach control experts. Because of the dangers associated with cockroach infestations and how difficult they can be to eliminate this is not a pest that you should try to tackle on your own. Contact a Honolulu exterminator today to correctly identify which type of cockroach in Hawaii is invading your living space, to get treatment along with year-round pest control to prevent a re-infestation.

For cockroach control in Honolulu and Hawaii, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is ready to help. In business since 1997, the Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle have been helping home and business owners get rid of roaches and other pests commonly found in HI.