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Hornets in Maryland

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Every year in the late summer and early fall, stinging insects like hornets in Maryland make themselves a nuisance. This is the time of year when their populations are at their highest and there are more mouths to feed in the colony than ever before.  This is also the time of year when these insects are looking for sweet sources of food, including whatever it is that you’re serving at your picnic or BBQ!  This can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to enjoy a late summer get-together with friends or family; swatting away hornets does not make for an enjoyable time. What can be done to avoid these obnoxious party crashers? Read on to find out more about avoiding stinging insects this summer. 

Stinging insects like the bald faced hornet are known for building their nests in protected aerial locations, including along the eaves and soffits of your home. They may also build their nests in bushes and shrubs that are at least 3 feet off the ground, but you can find these nests as high as 60 feet into the air attached to trees. To prevent attracting these stinging insects to you while spending time outdoors, you can: 

  • Cover up food when not being eaten at your picnic or BBQ. Stinging insects are attracted to anything you bring outdoors to eat, so keeping it covered up can keep insects from attempting to steal your food. 

  • Don’t wear floral patterns; by wearing bright and flowery clothing you may unknowingly attract stinging insects. 

  • Leave the perfumes and body sprays at home. These florally scents can also attract stinging insects. 

  • Contract a pest control company for a treatment to discourage stinging insects from building nests around your property. 

Following all of these tips should help eliminate the encounters you have with stinging insects on your property, but they aren’t fool proof. If you should discover a stinging insect nest on your property and it is near an entrance or the stinging insect population is causing problems for you, your family or your picnic, contact your local pest control experts for control. Do not attempt to remove the nest on your own, as these pests can become aggressive when they feel threatened, which may result in you or family members receiving many painful stings.  These stings typically result in a painful red swollen area on your skin, but if you’re allergic, a hornet sting could result into anaphylactic shock.  Don’t chance receiving a painful or possibly life threatening sting; enlist a pest control pro for stinging insect nest removal. A pest control professional has the tools that are necessary to safely get rid of a stinging insect nest without causing you or anyone in your family harm. Don’t let stinging insects like hornets in Maryland take over your family picnic or BBQ- take steps to get rid of these insects before they become a problem! 

For stinging insect control in MD, contact the professionals at American Pest.  The pros at American Pest have been providing effective and safe pest control services in the Maryland, Virginia, DC metro area since 1925 and are ready to assist you with all your pest control needs.