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Signs of Subterranean Termites in Hawaii

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We’ve got a question for you. Can you identify this pest? 

They typically live underground in colonies that can number up to the millions. 

They build distinctive ‘mud tubes’ in which to travel to their source of food. 

They are the most destructive termite species in the United States. 

What are they? If you guessed subterranean termites, you were right! If not, that’s ok, because now you know a little bit more about these destructive pests.  In nature, subterranean termites are just doing their job, breaking down organic debris. But when they invade our properties, they become a problem for us, causing billions of dollars in damage to our homes and businesses every year.  Most of this loss occurs because people never even notice termites and the damage they cause until it is too late and extensive damage to a structure has already been done. Do you think you could have termites eating away your home or nesting on your property? Check out these signs of termites to see if you could possibly have a termite problem in your Hawaii home. 

Signs of termites may include: 

  • Sagging floors, doors and windows

  • A leaky roof

  • Warped walls

  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped on

  • Painted wood that looks discolored or blistered

  • There is a depression in the wood

  • Floors or stairs feel springy

  • Wires are mysteriously short-circuited

  • There are shed termite swarmer wings inside your home

  • And the most obvious sign, there are dead termites inside your home 

Have you noticed any of these signs of termites in Hawaii? If so, you could very possibly have a termite problem. Now is not the time to sit idle and see if this problem will take care of itself; having termites inside your home is also not a problem you can take care of without the assistance of a professional termite exterminator. Most pest control professionals have a great deal of experience in handling termite problems and will usually send an inspector to come out to your property to inspect for ground termites. Should they find signs of termites on your property or inside your home, they will devise a termite treatment plan that best suits your property. The termite treatments may include Termidor ®, a non-repellent chemical technology that can kill termites with a very small amount of material.  Another termite treatment option is the Sentricon ® Colony Elimination System, which requires no digging or trenching and is a discreet way to exterminate termites and prevent them from returning. 

If you think you may have termites or you would just like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is termite-free, contact the Honolulu termite control specialists at Sandwich Isle today for your first inspection.